Reliance TimeOut to launch ‘Digital’ music

Reliance Timeout seems to be experimenting with a new product offering in the music arena. They have started negotiating with music companies and content aggregators for the initiation of sale of digital music in their stores.

This new model proposed by the leisure arm of Reliance Retail is that the rights owners will make the music available via content aggregators, who, in turn, will stream it to the Reliance Timeout store. Customers can choose to buy single tracks, or create their own compilations, and have them copied to a portable music player or mobile phone, or burnt on a CD at a small extra cost. The clincher – the music will be available at just Rs. 8 to Rs. 10 per song!

At the end of 2009 Mr. Deepinder Kapany, Business Head, Reliance TimeOut announced that “In the next 3-5 years, we will have a total of 45 Reliance TimeOut outlets across four states-mainly in western and southern India. Our strategy is to first saturate a town, then a state followed by the entire region.” Amidst several brand tie-ups and book launches that Reliance Timeout has seen over the last couple of months, this falls in line with the new initiatives the Reliance Retail and specifically Relaince TimeOut head are taking towards the expansion of the Reliance TimeOut brand.

In this era of free downloads and digital music at subsidized rates, there have been several attempts made to get people to pay for music, since the digital boom. It will definitely be fascinating to see whether Reliance Timeout can succeed where so many have failed and actually get people to pay for music.



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