Krishna Godavari well drilling back on track

LONDON — Reliance Industries has resumed drilling of the KGV-D3-W1 exploration well on the KG-DWN-2003/1 (D3) license in the Krishna Godavarai basin offshore eastern India.

The Transocean rig Frontier 534 is drilling the well in a water depth of 1,653 m (5,423 ft), according to partner Hardy Oil & Gas. The target depth of the well, designed to test the hydrocarbon potential of Mio-Pliocene sands, is 3,514 m (11,529 ft) MD.

The KGV-D3-W1 was spudded April 2 by Transocean’s Deepwater Expedition, but had to be suspended at the end of May, at a depth of 2,608 m (8,556 ft) MD, due to an unresolved problem with the rig’s BOP control system.

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