Reliance Industries Limited- The derivative of Excellence

When one looks at India from an industrious point of view, the picture becomes incensed with images of hardworking, determinant and value oriented people. But for most part, this image stands as an epos of a company that has for long been the symbol of trust, value belief systems and excellence unsurpassed. The house of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is one such enterprise whose existence has given India a whole new spectrum of opportunities and whose contribution to growth channels has truly augmented India’s stand on the global platform.

When speaking of Reliance Industries Limited, the most prominent picture that first catches the mind is that of its dynamic spearheading eagle forte, Mukesh Ambani. Taking his father’s strong suit and enhancing it to a passel of varied new brand extension, Mukesh Ambani has been able to reach out to every nook of industrious existence with excellent métier.

For an enterprise as RIL, it has always been a matter of commitment to excellence over the years and beyond. Such an ambitious vision can become a tangible reality given the efforts of every individual of the organization. And for Reliance, the pillars of strengths that support Mukesh Ambani go by the name of PMS Prasad, Manoj Modi and Anand Jain. The quartet are possibly responsible for taking the company from core industry systems and extending its footing to whole new avenues. Not only did they conceive and implemented the process of value addition to existing boughs but they successfully applied the same to newer ventures that helped Reliance enjoy a stead fast domestic footing with a very gleaming manifest in the global industrial arena.

PMS Prasad has been the energy executive of Reliance. His contribution in taking the energy and refinery function of Reliance to global standards is more than just stupendous. A visionary at heart, he has always perceived for Reliance an image of a global leader and hence, the derivative leadership qualities that stem from such a vision are simply magnanimous.

Manoj Modi has been the third arm of Reliance, the Man Friday as they say. He is someone who learns from practical experience rather than theoretical assumption. And it is this intuitive pursuit of more that has ignited in him the drive and commitment to take Reliance ventures to greater heights. His precise analytical abilities and well thought understanding of state of things empowers him to guide Reliance with immense chutzpa.

Anand Jain is Mukesh Ambani’s key advisor and is the final word on all critical issues. He is one of those eminent futurists who dare to dream beyond perceived realms. His contributions to the development of infrastructural undertakings of Reliance, like the SEZ and IPCL, are esteemed, and his pursuit of the best through the company that is perhaps India’s best is what fuels his ambitions.

For it is because of such a tremendous team of dedicated function heads that Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) today stand on such a pedestal.


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