The ‘Dabangg’ Indian Entrepreneur; Mukesh Ambani is all praises

Coming from a man who is listed in Forbes as one of the most dynamic and successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs of his time, spearheading a company that is listed as one of world’s supreme Fortune 500 enterprises, the words spoken will inevitably be the one to bank upon without the need for any reflection. But Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), would rather speak from example than just on some assumption.

At the recently held 83rd annual general meeting FICCI, Mukesh Ambani was all praises for the modern day Indian entrepreneurs who have made their mark so notably and globally too. He is one those impressive entrepreneurs of the modern day world who work determinately to create substantial value-both for customer and shareholders- rather than just profit. Ambani struck a tangent with everyone present at the meeting as he praised the modern day sensibilities of entrepreneurs and their modus operandi that speaks volumes of co-operative integration. In his note, he quoted stalwartly that the primary responsibility of any business today is to get the business right and seek social improvement.

“To me, the purpose of business is growth, welfare and enrichment of the nation at large—by creating jobs and generating wealth. And for that, businesses need to constantly innovate and expand-or else it will stagnate and wither away,” he said. He maintained that unless entrepreneurs have a larger purpose and businesses that change lives of millions of people, a sustainable business cannot be created.

As the conversation proceeded, he did reflect on the fact that today’s entrepreneurs from Indian are crème de la crème of some of the world’s finest and this trend is likely to continue protracted. When asked how that is, he gleeful cheered on the fact that India’s economy has grown ten folds since 1990’s liberalization resurgence and the development so far and in future will be possible due to efforts put in by today’s headstrong visionary of entrepreneurs who know better than to advance on a vertical tread. The emphasis today is, and should remain, job creation, value addition and value generation- something he and Reliance vouch for day after day.


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