Nita Ambani: The tour de force behind Mumbai Indians

Nita Ambani has forever been regarded as the wife of Mukesh Ambani – the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and the owner of the Indian Premier League franchise of Mumbai Indians. Having been behind the scenes for the first two years, Nita Ambani has now surfaced to support her team in full gusto and enthusiasm as they step into the fourth season of IPL.

After a mortifying melt down at second IPL season in South Africa – six losses in their last eight matches – she was determined to move out of the back to run the actual course of her team with her own hands. The dejection of defeat transformed her from an owner’s wife to a cricket devote and, eventually, the real chief executive officer of her team. Nita Ambani was now determined to play a more inclusive role in the workings of the team to ensure that team does not fall apart here on. And as history remains testament to her efforts, Team Mumbai Indians has managed to reach to the top slots within a short span of just one year.

In actuality, her evolution into a cricket aficionado and her hands-on engagement with the team is just two years old, but the amount of hard work and effort that she has put in to restructuring the team into a proficient one has earned her much accolades. Last year, she was part of the core committee of Mumbai Indians along with four other members and was fervent in taking important decisions relating to the matches in rigorous session of meetings.

Not only has she involved herself in the management of the team, but she has made sure understands the nuances that go in the actual game. Today she has become sound enough to evaluate the makeup of a pitch, the various gradations of the ‘doosra’ or even a cricketer’s ability to pace an innings. She calls Wankhade stadium her workplace for the next 50 days of the IPL h and her incessant meetings with the team manager and Nikhil Meswani are only the part and parcel of her daily discourse. Her dedication is readily there for everyone to see as Mumbai Indians pad up to rope in a victory this time around.


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