Mukesh Ambani and Mumbai Indians: The factor of Ms

They say a good businessman can spot business in every opportunity, but a great businessman sees opportunity in every venture. Needless to say, a personification of this avowal can very well take form of Mukesh Ambani, head honcho of Reliance industries Limited (RIL) and owner of IPL franchise ‘Mumbai Indians’ in every sense of good reason.

From what started off as a venture of great potential, Mumbai Indians today is at the zenith of success, high on value quotient and profitable on every marketing aspect there is. For most parts, the players skimmed ashore with flying colors credited to their efforts and team work, but the one to make Mumbai Indians the brand it is today is Mukesh Ambani himself. The first two seasons saw the team scratch the pith, but third season onwards the efforts that went into work, in terms of creating a wholesome brand out of the team, were unprecedented. Morale, Method and Marketing were the three key aspects that were steeped into the crux of the team, churning out a well-driven, well-established and a well-known team. It was important to integrate efforts of every factor that goes into making a wholesome team: the players, the mangers and the marketers. With vertical integration of all factors, today Mumbai Indians enjoys the highest brand value amongst all the franchises.

Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries Limited are synonymous with the ‘value’ concept. And Mumbai Indians has been incorporated into this value system in very much the same manner. Realizing that cricket is more than just the game today, Mukesh Ambani has set himself as the backbone of the franchise, supporting it in all matters business. While the reins of the team are in the hands of his wife, Nita Ambani, Mukesh Ambani continues to function from the backline. It is this conjunction of front line and backline efforts coined in perfect harmony with the efforts of the team players that Mumbai Indian has reached celestial points.

As for the future of this IPL franchise, it is quite implicit that given the velocity at which the team is moving forward – in terms of form, efforts and dedication of both the players and its supporting cohorts – the team will be the one to look out for.


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