Nita Ambani: Pitching a striking season for Mumbai Indians

To be a formidable owner and spearing force of one of the most striking teams at Indian Premier League (IPL) this season, Nita Ambani surely has pitched one of her very best performances as a franchise owner and as a motivating team leader. As Mumbai Indians claim top spots as the most favored team and likely title winners of IPL 2011, Nita Ambani is very much elated and a proud owner after all.

Mumbai Indians is synonymous with two entities- Sachin Tendulkar and Nita Ambani. While the former leads on the field, the latter leads both on-field and off –field. Two not so successfully IPL seasons later, Nita Ambani was determined to turn things around for her team. Inspired by Ambani lineage of doing things in a strategic and thought out way, Nita Ambani set out to change the structural framework of Mumbai Indians – both in the managerial front as well as in the team’s actual constitution. Supported by her husband, Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani was all set to bell the cat by the third season and needless to say, the endeavor was almost successful. Although Mumbai Indians lost out in the finals, to have reached that level after failing to make it to even the semi finals in the previous seasons, the team had made a good start. Come season 4, and the team is back with inspired courage and chutzpa, all credited to the persistent efforts of Nita Ambani. This first lady of corporate India is a fine example of woman of today who has juggled home and work just as adeptly. Staying true to the Reliance mantra of quality performance and value addition, Nita Ambani has truly helped untie her team as one strong tour de force.

Working round the clock, following her team’s progress and planning the line of attack for following matches is a regular work these days but Nita Ambani is more than happy to lead the cause. After all, she is determined to ensure her team bags the title this season.

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