Nita Ambani: Manning the cricket world on heels

The co-owner of Indian Premier League (IPL)franchise Mumbai Indians, Nita Ambani has most certainly made her presence felt in the world of cricket and how! For one, she is a taking charge in a sport that has for long been a male dominated quarter. But lately, Nita Ambani has entrusted that a woman is just as good at managing a team in a sport like cricket like any other man, or even better.

Her journey with Mumbai Indians has been one of many ebbs and flow. When Mukesh Ambani, her husband and co-owner of Mumbai Indians, first purchased the team, Nita Ambani was unsure as to how to handle a cricket team. But she took to the challenge and decided to make it work. Mumbai Indians was a strong team, with many a mighty players feathering its front. But the first two seasons saw the team lose out in the IPL terribly. So far, Nita Ambani had been administering team from behind, but now she realized she needed to put in more proactive efforts to turn the things around for the team. She took to the field, learnt every little nuance of the sport, right from the actual game to its administrational workings. She supported her team, motivated them and helped unite them as one. By the time third season came along, Mumbai Indians were all geared up to face the field. The team did spectacularly, even though they lost out in the finals. But Nita Ambani was happy with the progress. It only indicated towards better future seasons. With the conclusion of IPL4 last month, Mumbai Indians definitely shone brighter than any other team. They were the most supported team in every online poll and although the team managed to reach only till the semi finals, their form and efforts were impressive. Nita Ambani had put in all her efforts, working day in and out from Wankhade stadium throughout the IPL season, and she was happy that the team did well. Perhaps the taste of the title of IPL winners is awaited, but with Nita Ambani supporting the team, it may not be all that ungetatable.


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