Reliance TimeOut launches children’s book ‘Growing Up in Pandupur’

Reliance TimeOut, a one-stop destination for all things books, stationary and recreational, recently launched a scintillating children’s’ book titled ‘Growing Up in Pandupur’, in the bustling city of Bengaluru. The book is written by young authors Adithi and Chatura Rao, who donned the event in much excitement at the Reliance TimeOut store. The book is a collection of stories set in the fictional town of Pandupur, reflecting the unique culture of the state of Karnataka, in tune with the process of growing up in a modern day world. The main protagonists of the book, the Pandupur Children, present many life-lessons netted in various emotions throughout each story, reflective of a child’s emotional journey. The launch at Reliance TimeOut was followed by a book reading and an interactive session between the authors and the children.

Speaking about this latest launch, Dipak Marwah, VP & Business Head, Reliance TimeOut, stated that in Reliance TimeOut’s endeavor to constantly bring up the rising talent in the field of creative arts, Growing up in Pandupur is yet another milestone. Being an insight into the rich and varied culture of Karnataka, the book imparts not only important life-lessons to children but it does so in an engaging way. In a yet another proud moment for Reliance TimeOut, the store saw an exciting crowd gather to support the launch of the book.

Reliance TimeOut is a specialty store that is one-stop shop for books, music, stationery, toys and gifts items. Carrying over 1,35,000 books from every genre, 65,000 movie and music collection from world over, 21,000 stationery items, 8,000 Toys, 19,000 Gifts articles to choose from, Reliance TimeOut offers something for every preference and budget. On regular intervals, Reliance TimeOut holds interactive sessions between authors and readers through special book reading sessions. Providing exciting events and offers all round the year, friendly services and a home like environment, Reliance TimeOut is a store unlike any other.


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