‘Happiness epidemic’ at Reliance TimeOut, Chennai

Reliance TimeOut – a one-stop shop for all things books, stationery and recreational items – played host to the launch of the book ‘The Happiness Quotient’- a wellness book – written by Dr. Rekha Shetty. The book tells a story of a corporate hot-shot who happens to find the seven keys to happiness, namely physical wellness, emotional wellness, personal wellness, family bonding, nurturing the workplace, social bonding and ‘dharmic’ living, with the help of a “sadhu mama”. At the book launch, held on 3rd August at Reliance TimeOut outlet in Axis Mall, Chennai, author Dr. Rekha Shetty spoke in depth about her work and explained the seven keys to happiness that she has enlisted in the book.

The book launch at the Reliance TimeOut outlet was an out-of-the-ordinary event that saw an excited and interested crowd being greeted by a tray of ice and a bag of apples. Guests were asked to pick up a cube and a fruit each, following which the author demonstrated the symbolic connotation to each item. “The choice is yours. You can be cold and numb like the cube or be free flowing like the water it turns into,” Dr. Shetty said. This exercise was followed a few breathing exercises where the guests were asked to scratch the surface of the apple and take in its revitalizing fragrance.

Guests present at the Reliance TimeOut outlet were doubly ‘happy’ with the ‘buy one get one free’ offer on the book, which was a part of the special launch offer.

About Reliance TimeOut: Reliance TimeOut is a one-stop shop for books, music, stationery, toys and gifts items. Carrying over 1,35,000 books from every genre, 65,000 movie and music collection from world over, 21,000 stationery items, 8,000 toys and 19,000 gifts articles to choose from, the store offers something for every liking and budget. From book launches and music releases to interactive discussion sessions, Reliance TimeOut endeavors to support creative art and talent in all its forms and function.


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