RIL Partners With Siemens to develop Homeland Security Solutions

Reliance Security Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd., (RIL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Siemens Ltd., to jointly develop Homeland Security Solutions, for safe, secure and smart cities and highways in India. This initiative will get India at par with developed nations, which use 4G wireless technology for security installations in their territories.

With the advent of technology and rise in level of terrorist attacks, the traditional methods of surveillance and security are inadequate, and hence the rising need to adapt advanced technology. RIL plans to offer 4G technologies for safety and security, which will help in increasing the amount of data and information that can be sent at a time. Siemens offers the world’s most advanced security solutions, Siveillance, which caters to the needs of all the security demands. This combined venture of RIL and Siemens will use 4G network, which assures low latency and quality of service for video and security applications.

Reliance operates the world’s largest integrated security automation system, consisting of over 12,000 cameras, advanced security sensors, radars, etc, and has been using advanced command and control centres for security of its own infrastructure. Siemens Siveillance provides reliable security solutions, with features like automated threat detection, which helps protect cities, highways, iconic buildings and public areas.

Siemens is an icon of expertise in the field of Intelligent Security Solutions. With this tie up with Reliance Industries for Homeland Security in India, one can expect India’s security market to be one of the largest growing, in the world.


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