Reliance Digital Store Launch In Pune on 1st Oct, 2011

For a retail chain, Reliance Digital is certainly coursing on the fast lane. From its humble beginning in 2006, Reliance Digital has come a long way from begin just an electronics retail chain to, today, being India’s most popular electronics retail chain. And in an effort to fuel this distinction further, Reliance Digital gearing up to spread it wings well into the country to impress a ubiquitous presence and extend its value-proposition to a multitude more of people.Reliance Digital, is set to launch new Reliance Digital stores on 1st of Oct, 2011. The stores will be launched in Pune (Solitaire, Aundh).This store will mark the sixth Reliance Digital store in the city.

Staying true to Reliance Digital’s long standing tradition, the new stores will boast matching features as that of other Reliance Digital stores across the country. Spacious in design with the spread of over 10,000 Sq.ft of flagship Store and comprehensive in product collection, the latest Reliance Digital stores will be an extension of Reliance Digital’s quest for providing value-based electronic products at best prices throughout the country

About Reliance Digital: Reliance Digital is value-based consumer electronics and durables retail chain from the house of Reliance. Spread over 10,000 of space, Reliance Digital stores carry over 4000 products of 150 brands from world over. Carrying a wide assortment of products from high-end LED and LCD TVs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles and software, home appliances, mp3 players to even the smallest of IT based devices, Reliance Digital is a one-stop shop for all things electronic. Reliance Digital stores offer its customers the value proposition of having the lowest prices and best quality products. Offering great value for money on every purchase, Reliance Digital stands as an ideal store for every customer looking for a great deal on electronics

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