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Mukesh Ambani speaks about peace and productivity

March 30, 2012

Can business and spirituality be spoken about in the same breath? Mukesh Ambani proves to be a distinctive example of business tycoon engaging in spirituality. Spirituality gets one closer towards social responsibility. While corporate have associated themselves with philanthropic activities and other benevolent deeds, there are few who are known for their spiritual deeds. No more are corporate companies solely valued for their stock values. Society and people are concerned about the social responsibilities and the welfare programs that they cater to.

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries with his spiritual thoughts is known to consider spirituality as a tool to enhance productivity. In a social responsibility meet in Mumbai, he spoke about this phenomenon of financial investors keeping themselves away from socially responsible companies. India was amazed to witness Bill Gates spreading awareness on Aids. To observe this prosperous person addressing a socially responsible cause seemed surprising to Indians. Kavita Khana who is the conveyor of the confederation of Indian Industry Organized Symposium with the subject matter “Social Partnership makes Business sense” mentioned that, “There is no need for Bill gates to convey that the economy may be adversely affected with more people being prone to Aids. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget this message as soon as he leaves India.”

Sri Sri Ravishankar is known to mention that a smile on one’s face reflects the success of one’s business. His renowned “Art of Living” course is known to benefit millions from alleviating their stress levels. Art of Living has been gaining increasing importance with the rising strain that this corporate world has endowed us. Mr. Ambani was asked to comment on Bill Gates and Ravi Shankar; he stated that “While Mr. Gates offers productivity; Art of Living grants one inner peace”. Besides he is known to believe that corporate social responsibility is not all about compassion but also involves self – enlightenment.


Mukesh Ambani: The astute global leader with global visions

March 28, 2012

It is has been said that ‘Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow’. Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is one of those leaders whose power to inspire is best reflected in his ability to lead an intimidatingly large empire with an astute mind and with a whole lot of panache.

A chemical engineer-turned-industrialist, Mukesh Ambani is man whose grandiosity is only paralleled by his awe-inspiring actions. From initiating backward integration of Reliance from textiles into polyester fibres and further into petrochemicals, petroleum refining and then onto oil and gas exploration and production, diversifying later into consumer retail, telecom and financial services sector, Mukesh Ambani has led the progression of Reliance into a conglomerate.

Classifiedwithin his industrious persona and ambitious endeavours, Mukesh Ambani is simply a man striving for the best. From transforming India’s energy landscape through introduction of more advanced, efficient and sustainable energy concepts to having created the world’s largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar, Gujarat; from spearheading India’s foray into next-gen telecom revolution to sustaining one of the fastest growing retail business in the country; Mukesh Ambani’ s actions go beyond just industrious ambitions. In what can best be described as pursuit of the best in the very best way, Mukesh Ambani and everything that is associated with the man himself is simply an extension of this inspiring assertion that seeks to create, sustain and inspire the best processes and actions.

Modern economics is governed by the factor of value – how much value you create for yourself and for others. For Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries Limited, the factor of value has been at the nucleus of all functions and purposes. The creator/leader of India’s largest private sector enterprise has always strived to create value – value in actions and value in results. And it is this pursuit of value that makes Mukesh Ambani and his long line of endeavours pursuable, desirable and idol-able.

Leadership is not just about actions, but about ideologies as well. The businessman in Mukesh Ambani is driven by the element of value-creation for the masses, the philanthropist in him seeks to improve the way of life of his people and his community, and the leader inMukesh Ambani aspires to create and sustain people-benefitting process.

A global leader is one who everyone in the world can look up to for inspiration and encouragement. The life and journey of Mukesh Ambani is an anecdote for the same. From what was, to what is and what is yet to happen, there is a lot one can take about leadership from India’s finest and world’s most aspirational leader.

1st Braille newspaper in Hindi launched by Reliance Foundation

March 20, 2012

While there are infinite number of newspapers launched and registered daily, Reliance Drishti was the nation’s first fortnightly in the Braille script that caters to the visually impaired. With Husna Shaikh who is a young visually challenged student being able to decipher from the black dots that were imprinted on that white paper, the newspaper undoubtedly achieved its purpose. Funded and assisted by NitaAmbani, this newspaper will surely enlighten millions of visually impaired people. This Braille newspaper edited by Swagat Thorat will be free of cost distributed to 325 institutions across the country and may attain a readership of approximately 20,000 readers. Swagat Thorat has previously edited Sparshdyan, the Marathi Braille newspaper and will extend his support to this Hindi fortnightly too. Launched in the Kamala Mehta School for the Blind at Dadar, Reliance Drishti may comprise of 30% news and the rest 70% would enunciate comprehensive information specially designed for the visually challenged. Being the chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani has always engaged herself in varied philanthropic activities including the support and financial funds that she granted for around 10,000 corneal transplants. This newspaper will signify that there are no obstacles to communication and knowledge in this 21st century dominated by science and technology is what she mentioned.

The unveiling of this fortnightly was witnessed by varied eminent personalities including K. Ramakrishnan who serves as the honorary general secretary of the National Association for the Blind (NAB), Dr. Kulin Kothari (a leading eye surgeon) and Swagat Thorat, editor of the newspaper.

While the flawless Mallakhamb performance by these students was a treat to watch, Saraswati Vandana sung by them graced the event and left everyone impressed. Reliance Drishti will enable scores of visually challenged to relish their morning cup of tea just like everybody.

Corporate India and Social responsibility: A look into RIL’s community endeavours

March 19, 2012

For an organization which is quite literally larger than life, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is certainly grounded in its core. Epitomized as the organization that transcends the scope of any industrial existence by its sheer size and range, RIL is more than its corporate self. As an organization, Reliance Industries and its many subsidiaries have continually been reinforcing the avowal that corporate India is just as hands-on in delivering to the cause of social welfare and community services as any other organization dedicated to similar endeavours.

This assertion is best validated by RIL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that are aimed at building and acknowledging socially resound efforts that contribute to the welfare and well-being of every community member. Apart from contributing to the community in areas of health, education, infrastructure development, environment, relief and assistance in the event of a natural disaster, and miscellaneous activities such as contribution to other social development organization, RIL also recognizes efforts of those individuals who selflessly work towards improving social and community devices to the best of their abilities. In this context, RIL recently organized the ‘Real Heroes Award’ in partnership with Network 18. This annual felicitation, four years into its making, honours 24 unknown and unsung heroes of India whose efforts in fields as diverse as Women’s Empowerment, Environment, Youth, Social Welfare, Health & Disability, Education & Children and Sports have unquestionably contributed to the betterment of their immediate community. This is an event close to RIL fraternity; for; it celebrates the undying spirit of ordinary people who have done extraordinary service and have stretched the realms of humanitarian deeds. In essence, it recognizes real life heroes whose altruistic acts are assured to spark inspirationand reinforce the fact that even an ordinary person can have a profound impact on society.

Sponsored by Reliance Industries and attended by eminent guests, media personalities and corporate chieftains, Real Heroes is an encouraging feat on part of Reliance’s CSR team. By acknowledging those to impact the way of life of every day man, RIL seeks to instigate osmosis of similar efforts in future to ensure social good does not go disregarded.

Reliance Trends awarded top honours at ASIA Retails Congress 2012

March 2, 2012

Reliance Trends, the apparel, luggage and accessories specialty format of Reliance Retail Ltd., swept four awards at the recently held ASIA Retails Congress 2012. Held on Tuesday, 14th February 2012 at the TajLands’ End, Mumbai, Reliance Trends surfaced as the winner of the prestigious ‘Retailer of the Year – Fashion & Lifestyle’ Award, pushing ahead of many top and established names in the business. Reliance Trends also bagged three additional awards including Retail Leadership Award, Innovative Concept Award and the Marketing Campaign of the Year Award.

Reliance Trends COO, Akhilesh Prasad, who was conferred the Retail Leadership Award,attributed his success to the customers who have shown preference for the brand and a dedicated team that has worked relentlessly towards building brand Reliance Trends as the most preferred fashion destination across the country. Being awarded top honours for path-breaking and outstanding retail approach aimed at democratizing fashion, Reliance Trends feels humbled by the recognition its efforts have finally brought about. ‘The Toon Fest’campaign, held at Reliance Trends stores across the country, won the company Retail Marketing Campaign of the Year Award. With characters from various animated kid-shows flocking Reliance Trends stores, ‘The Toon Fest’ campaign was distinct for offering a wholesome retail experience for the entire family. On the other hand, ‘Performax’, the active sportswear brand from Reliance Trends,was recognised for product innovation and bestowed with Innovative Retail Concept Award. This brand of sports

wear is a value based offering which promotes active lifestyle and offers consumers unique functional benefits and trendy styles at great prices.

Reliance Trends spokesperson said, “Quality, fashion, style and value are the essence of Reliance Trends and have helped us emerge as a key destination for fashion for consumers across the country. We have become India’s largest and most favoured destination for fashion by providing a never before experience with a well-designed ambience and great quality products at most competitive prices. The ASIA Retail Congress was a great forum to showcase our strides in the field of fashion and retailing and these awards demonstrate our drive towards excellence.”

Over the years, Reliance Trends has been relentlessly working towards redefining and reinventing the fashion and lifestyle market with its value-based products and services. Staying true to the Reliance way of things, the subsidiary has gone on to incorporate several value-based additions to its format, making sure customers get the benefit of best price and best quality through every aspect of Reliance Trends concept.