Corporate India and Social responsibility: A look into RIL’s community endeavours

For an organization which is quite literally larger than life, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is certainly grounded in its core. Epitomized as the organization that transcends the scope of any industrial existence by its sheer size and range, RIL is more than its corporate self. As an organization, Reliance Industries and its many subsidiaries have continually been reinforcing the avowal that corporate India is just as hands-on in delivering to the cause of social welfare and community services as any other organization dedicated to similar endeavours.

This assertion is best validated by RIL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that are aimed at building and acknowledging socially resound efforts that contribute to the welfare and well-being of every community member. Apart from contributing to the community in areas of health, education, infrastructure development, environment, relief and assistance in the event of a natural disaster, and miscellaneous activities such as contribution to other social development organization, RIL also recognizes efforts of those individuals who selflessly work towards improving social and community devices to the best of their abilities. In this context, RIL recently organized the ‘Real Heroes Award’ in partnership with Network 18. This annual felicitation, four years into its making, honours 24 unknown and unsung heroes of India whose efforts in fields as diverse as Women’s Empowerment, Environment, Youth, Social Welfare, Health & Disability, Education & Children and Sports have unquestionably contributed to the betterment of their immediate community. This is an event close to RIL fraternity; for; it celebrates the undying spirit of ordinary people who have done extraordinary service and have stretched the realms of humanitarian deeds. In essence, it recognizes real life heroes whose altruistic acts are assured to spark inspirationand reinforce the fact that even an ordinary person can have a profound impact on society.

Sponsored by Reliance Industries and attended by eminent guests, media personalities and corporate chieftains, Real Heroes is an encouraging feat on part of Reliance’s CSR team. By acknowledging those to impact the way of life of every day man, RIL seeks to instigate osmosis of similar efforts in future to ensure social good does not go disregarded.


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