1st Braille newspaper in Hindi launched by Reliance Foundation

While there are infinite number of newspapers launched and registered daily, Reliance Drishti was the nation’s first fortnightly in the Braille script that caters to the visually impaired. With Husna Shaikh who is a young visually challenged student being able to decipher from the black dots that were imprinted on that white paper, the newspaper undoubtedly achieved its purpose. Funded and assisted by NitaAmbani, this newspaper will surely enlighten millions of visually impaired people. This Braille newspaper edited by Swagat Thorat will be free of cost distributed to 325 institutions across the country and may attain a readership of approximately 20,000 readers. Swagat Thorat has previously edited Sparshdyan, the Marathi Braille newspaper and will extend his support to this Hindi fortnightly too. Launched in the Kamala Mehta School for the Blind at Dadar, Reliance Drishti may comprise of 30% news and the rest 70% would enunciate comprehensive information specially designed for the visually challenged. Being the chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani has always engaged herself in varied philanthropic activities including the support and financial funds that she granted for around 10,000 corneal transplants. This newspaper will signify that there are no obstacles to communication and knowledge in this 21st century dominated by science and technology is what she mentioned.

The unveiling of this fortnightly was witnessed by varied eminent personalities including K. Ramakrishnan who serves as the honorary general secretary of the National Association for the Blind (NAB), Dr. Kulin Kothari (a leading eye surgeon) and Swagat Thorat, editor of the newspaper.

While the flawless Mallakhamb performance by these students was a treat to watch, Saraswati Vandana sung by them graced the event and left everyone impressed. Reliance Drishti will enable scores of visually challenged to relish their morning cup of tea just like everybody.


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