Mukesh Ambani: The astute global leader with global visions

It is has been said that ‘Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow’. Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is one of those leaders whose power to inspire is best reflected in his ability to lead an intimidatingly large empire with an astute mind and with a whole lot of panache.

A chemical engineer-turned-industrialist, Mukesh Ambani is man whose grandiosity is only paralleled by his awe-inspiring actions. From initiating backward integration of Reliance from textiles into polyester fibres and further into petrochemicals, petroleum refining and then onto oil and gas exploration and production, diversifying later into consumer retail, telecom and financial services sector, Mukesh Ambani has led the progression of Reliance into a conglomerate.

Classifiedwithin his industrious persona and ambitious endeavours, Mukesh Ambani is simply a man striving for the best. From transforming India’s energy landscape through introduction of more advanced, efficient and sustainable energy concepts to having created the world’s largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar, Gujarat; from spearheading India’s foray into next-gen telecom revolution to sustaining one of the fastest growing retail business in the country; Mukesh Ambani’ s actions go beyond just industrious ambitions. In what can best be described as pursuit of the best in the very best way, Mukesh Ambani and everything that is associated with the man himself is simply an extension of this inspiring assertion that seeks to create, sustain and inspire the best processes and actions.

Modern economics is governed by the factor of value – how much value you create for yourself and for others. For Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries Limited, the factor of value has been at the nucleus of all functions and purposes. The creator/leader of India’s largest private sector enterprise has always strived to create value – value in actions and value in results. And it is this pursuit of value that makes Mukesh Ambani and his long line of endeavours pursuable, desirable and idol-able.

Leadership is not just about actions, but about ideologies as well. The businessman in Mukesh Ambani is driven by the element of value-creation for the masses, the philanthropist in him seeks to improve the way of life of his people and his community, and the leader inMukesh Ambani aspires to create and sustain people-benefitting process.

A global leader is one who everyone in the world can look up to for inspiration and encouragement. The life and journey of Mukesh Ambani is an anecdote for the same. From what was, to what is and what is yet to happen, there is a lot one can take about leadership from India’s finest and world’s most aspirational leader.


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