RIL Categorically Denies Kejriwal’s Allegations

RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) has quashed all the allegations made by Arvind Kejriwal claiming that his statements are fallacious. Hitting back at Kejriwal’s accusation where he mentioned that ‘Mukesh Ambani runs India, and not PM,’ RIL issued a statement claiming, “The statements by Kejriwal at the press conference today are short of any truth or substance whatsoever and are denied.”
India’s largest private sector, RIL, mentioned that KGD6 basin is a laudable project and has significantly helped the country to increase its economic dominance. It also stated that the technologies involved including the deep-water exploration in the KGD6 basin is of world-class standards. In fact, RIL’s Jamnagar Refinery was listed as the world’s top refineries by the Discovery channel a day ago, after an inspection by an expert team closely for three days. It also rebuffed the allegation declaring that it is an irresponsible act by the IAC at the behest of vested interests without comprehending with the complexities of a project that is of such high standards.
Besides, it is incorrect from Kejriwal’s side to connect political and macro-economic issues of the country, and spread information among the masses that will lead to misinformation & unnecessary confusion. It is wrong to demean a company that is of the highest standards without authenticating facts & reports without any credibility.


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