IMG-Reliance May Partner With Chelsea FC For Developing Its Football Academy In India

Collaboration with Chelsea FC would serve to be a landmark achievement for the Indian football. Sources claim that Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, and CEO of RIL headed to London to meet Ron Gourlay, Chelsea FC Chief Director, for their preliminary discussions about IMG- Reliance’s collaborating with Chelsea FC paving way for the partnership of Indo- American sports management academy with the English Football Club, with the objective of developing an international football academy in India. Two people, who have information about the deal, confirmed the news.

The forthcoming academy in Vadodara will have Chelsea, the forefront Premier Club and the winner of Champions League training them by infusing their expertise and know- how about the happenings organize and manage effectively. IMG- Reliance, collaboration between IMG Worldwide, international sports management committee, and Reliance Industries, is the commercial partner of football’s governing body All India Football Federation (AIFF) and has been constantly taking efforts to bring football to the mainstream sports. This partnership will provide momentum to the move and nudge way for India honing its skills in football. Prashant Singh, General Manager of Octagon India mentions that this Reliance- Chelsea deal can turn out to be a remarkable step for India football.

The upcoming football academy can strengthen India’s stance on the global front. This partnership can be a sound decision with the mutual benefit, both parties may enjoy. Chelsea will increasingly benefit from collaborating with a company like Reliance with deep pockets and the resilience to bear losses. There is a huge amount of anticipation and hopes built on this deal, considering the fact that India has not witnessed much successful collaboration, with respect to football.

According to the source mentioned above, the partnership may be brought into fruition after Gourlay‘s visit to India in December. He also mentioned that Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, put forward the proposal of Reliance backing their club in Europe, which was rejected by the latter.

When Gourlay was asked to comment on the news, he via an email confirmed his visit to India soon and stated that the club seeks to have a lasting grassroots level program in India that helps them connect with their growing Indian fan base.

Recently, IMG- Reliance had collaborated with iStream for online coverage of their league where I- League matches will be broadcasted through internet for people across the globe and increases the recognition of (Indian) football on the global arena.


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