Vimal Gearing For A Revamp?

Vimal, the face of Reliance once upon a time, comes to the fore, by strengthening its franchise network by roping in 1500 new retailers who would house the brand. Owned by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the brand has also ensured that it sends across the message to the masses by releasing a fresh communication mentioning – 1500 new outlets are waiting for you.

The advertisement rolled out created a lot of buzz as it also portrayed a woman wearing a western outfit in it, indicating that it may soon cater to women garments, contradicting earlier claims of sticking to its men‘s wear. Sources claim that the brand may also involve in the provision of home furnishing in some time.

The heritage brand got a lift in the year of 2007. Anand Parekh, President of Textile divisions at Reliance Industries Limited mentioned that the brand has been bolstering since the last three years and is set to witness an increased growth in the forthcoming years. He also added that while they have roped in 1500 new retailers, they might endeavor to increase the number to 1800, so that it complies with their capital expenditure.

During the days when the company was in its best shape, known as the queen of textiles, women fabrics seemed to be a natural part of the extension. While Parekh gives no clue about their foray into women’s wear, he mentioned that at present, they have been focusing on men’s wear and fabrics would continue to be the core of the business. Only a few stores have been housing the celebrated – Vimal saris.

The brand via its campaign ‘Dressing Up New India’ intends to reach out to the masses and strengthen its stance in the market. Speaking about the brand, Parekh mentioned that they are one of the most pre-eminent brands who majorly cater to the middle class. The brand is mainly segmented into variants including Black, White, and Red, the most sought after ones. He also added that the demand for the brand has been consistently rising, since the last five years. However, the company has to resolve other setbacks that the company has.

RIL will also be able to leverage the most out of its own stores: Reliance Mart and Reliance Trends where it can house the brand – Vimal. The company is also likely to resort to the online space by launching the

Its expansion plans have completely put to rest rumors about the company selling ‘Vimal’ brand. The company will not leave any stone unturned in making the brain regain its sheen, as it is sentimental about it.


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