DOT To Approve RIL‘sTest Voice Services on 4G network

A report by the Economic Times stated that the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) might soon grant approval to MukeshAmbani ledRIL (Reliance Industries Limited) for carrying out testson its 4G networks.

It has also mentioned that a specific department of DOT, Telecommunication Engineering Service (TEC) has put forward the idea of offering around 10,000 mobile numbers to support its testing process. Furthermore, it has also given a go ahead to InfotelBroadband,owned, and managed by RIL, for connecting its network to other operators wherein these it will be possible for them to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls using these 10,000 test numbers. This department caters to the research and development of new products and services and is at the helm of establishing new standards.

However, it has levied rules and regulations ensuring that the testing is restricted to specific geographic areas and same equipment is put to use for varied tests effectuated in different circles. DOT has also forbidden Reliance Infotelfrom engaging in offering any kind of commercial services and has announced a definite time for carrying out these testing activities.

While RILclearly rubbished rumors of its tie- up with any other company for offering its voice services earlier this year, it also recently confirmed about its plans of manufacturing its own handsets, in tune with its 4G services. Even as the present telecom policy does not sanction the provision of voice services through 4G licenses, the new telecom policy soon to roll out in 2013, is expected to come as a relief, permitting operators to provide voice services through 4G or BWA, following the deploying of a new framework advocating liberalizationof spectrum utilization, in the country.

A few days back, there were reports of the conglomerate investing $ 10bn on its 4G network wherein it collaborated with Spirit DSP for offering voice and video call services(VVOIP), similar to Skype, in its upcoming LTE network. Thisdeal allows Spirit’s TeamSpirit voice and video engine to be accredited as Infotel’s.

Based on the present reports, RIL has set the stage for rolling out its 4G service, in mid2013, in Mumbai and Delhi, initially. For the same, it has embarked on varied collaborations with top-notch companies like Ericsson and Samsung for building its network, IBM for IT support, Microsoft for security solutions, Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL) for building optical fiber cable network in targeted cities (Delhi and Mumbai) , where it intends to roll out its services, initially.


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