RIL Finds More Natural Gas KG-D6 Block

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has found natural gas in the first exploration well in Krishna-Godavari Basins located in the eastern coast of the country. A huge amount of natural gas was discovered in the first exploration well in the gas fields in the KG-D6 blocks which are being deepened further to accentuate the production of natural gas.

The demand of production of natural gas was increasing in many industries like –fertilizers, power stations, etc. To suffice this demand, RIL had taken up the task to deepen the existing blocks as well as to explore new blocks for natural gas and petroleum. It was during this process in the MJ-1 exploration well on the Dhirubhai-1 and Dhirubhai-3 gas blocks in the KG-D6 basins that natural gas has spurred out before the drilling could reach its target depth. This well is located exactly beneath D-1 and D-3 blocks and will be deepened by 2 kms. This drilling process will continue till this weekend and then the natural gas samples will be acquired and sent for testing.

Also, this well is targeting a Mesozoic synriftclastic reservoir. This reservoir is also being targeted by a separate MA oil and gas field too. According to the pre-drill research carried out by Reliance, the gross prospective resource of 819 billion cubic feet of gas and 56 million barrels of liquids were estimated. The exploration well MJ-1 will also be helpful in probing the characteristics of Mesozoic synriftclastic reservoir.

RIL received the permission from the government to explore the KG basins for more natural gas and petroleum. The idea for exploration was proposed before one year. RIL holds a 60 percent partnership with UK’s BP Plc and Niko oil companies with about 30 percent and 10 percent of interest respectively. In the coming five years, RIL also plans to invest $5 billion for further exploration of these gas fields. The investments will be used to expand the water handling capacity and compression facility at D1 and D3 fields, additional gas production and compressor modification of both the fields- MA and MJ-1.

The vision of MukeshAmbani, the owner of RIL, behind this exploration is to make India import independent and self sufficient. He wants to balance the equation of demand –supply of natural gas and petroleum of the country with the produce of KG basins only.


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