Soli Sorabjee Comes down Heavily on Kejriwal

One of India’s most famous Jurist and India’s former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee has criticized former Delhi Chief Minister for his unsavory comments regarding President’s Rule in Delhi. He has thus welcomed Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung’s decision to recommend for President’s rule. Kejriwal had quoted Sorabjee on many occasions to justify his position on the Jan Lokpal Bill. This was tabled without prior consent from the Central Government.

The former Delhi CM has been in the news for his rather unprovoked attack on India’s Largest Private Sector enterprise – Reliance Industries Limited. That, along with a stinging attack on RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani and Oil Minister Veerappa Moily has divided opinion on the true intentions of the activist-turned-politician.

The revered jurist praised Lt. Governor Jung for following protocol and turning to the centre to seek permission before imposing President’s Rule. Sorabjee was quoted as saying, “He (Jung) did not make the rule. As far as the rule is there, As far as the rule is not stayed or struck down by the court of law, the Lt Governor has to follow it. “LG did not make the rule. So the rule is there and one is supposed to follow it.” This came on the back of India’s newest political party seeking Sorabjee’s advice on whether it had the power to introduce the Jan Lokpal Bill in the assembly.

Sorabjee added that it was improper to blame the LG for his decision to not permit the introduction of the bill without Centre’s prior permission.”Attributing this whole thing to him is very improper. My opinion is not the about the legality of the bill. It is about the power of the Lt Governor,” he said.

The Delhi Government, ruled by the Aam Aadmi Party had asked India’s former Attorney whether Rule 55(1) of Transaction of Business Rules violates the Constitution and does the Central government have the power to make that rule under section 44 of the Government of NCT of Delhi Act. “My opinion was that Rule 55 (1) of the Transaction of Business Rules is ultra-vires(Latin for beyond power). That rule requires a Lt Governor’s reference to the Central government,” said the eminent jurist.

He added that although his opinion was taken, which may be “good and sound weighty” but it was not a Supreme Court judgment. “So, till the rule is said or struck under the court, I think the LG has to follow the rule,” he said. He also expressed his disappointment the way AAP has chosen to deal with this whole situation.



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