Reliance Foundation, a Major Contributor in developing Healthcare in India

Due to rising costs of healthcare, an ever-increasing number of people are deprived of getting the help they need. Affordable healthcare is the need of the hour especially for vulnerable sections of society. Reliance Foundation works rigorously to make quality healthcare easily available to them.

Reliance Foundation’s healthcare division has the vision of “Health for All”. It organizes many health centers, mobile medical clinics, emergency ambulance services, health awareness, diagnostic and preventive camps.

Health Outreach Program

Reliance Foundation launched a Health Outreach Program to offer help to vulnerable sections of society. Through this program, it seeks to reduce economic burden and create awareness on common health problems to effectively encourage health-seeking behavior.

The Foundation identifies and enrolls needy individuals for preventive and primary healthcare.3,87,000 people have been enrolled and provided family health cards to facilitate easy utilization of the Foundation’s services. Its medical units use latest technology, including Cloud-based software, to store patient information.

Menstrual Hygiene Program

Through its Menstrual Hygiene Program launched on International Women’s Day (March 08, 2013) at Balasinor, near Ahmedabad, Reliance Foundation distributed low-cost sanitary napkins branded Meeta. It also offered advice on menstrual hygiene to women. The sanitary napkins currently reach out to 500,000 women in more than 850 villages in Gujarat.

Drishti Program

The Foundation’s Drishti Program has supported more than 13,000 cornea transplants and supports the visually impaired in association with the National Association for the Blind (NAB). It provides correct advice and proper treatment to the people. It has also launched a registered international Braille Hindi newspaper and a Hindi Braille calendar. Besides, it conducts campaigns such as Reliance Drishti Essay Competition and Reliance Drishti Art Competition to promote eye donation.

Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre

The newly set up hospital, Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, situated in Mumbai, provides world-class healthcare facilities. The technologically advanced institution aims to provide quality with affordability with its motto, “Respect for Life”.

Other programs

Besides these, other programs addressing maternal mortality and providing support to patients suffering from chronic ailments like AIDS and TB are conducted by the Foundation. The Reliance HIV and TB Control Centre (a NACO-Designated ART Centre) and the 28-bed Community Care Centre & Reliance AIDS Care Hospital at Hazira has offered consultation services to more than 100,000 patients. These health initiatives have touched the lives of more than 2.9 million people in India.

Reliance Foundation

The Reliance Foundation commenced in 2010 to endeavor towards sustainable growth in India. It strives to provide basic needs and develop the weaker sections of the country. The five core pillars of the foundation are Rural Transformation, Education, Health, Urban Renewal and Arts, Culture and Heritage.The Foundation has been a leader in transforming lives of the marginalized sections in the country. It has made significant contributions in the health sector.



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