No Injuries in Reliance’s Pipeline Fire

A pipeline carrying gas caught fire near Zaheerabad that is located in the remote part of Telangana. The fire occurred due to a gas leak in the section of the pipeline that belongs to Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL). The leak occurred in the Main Line Valve (MLV) 14 and the fire was noticed, in the wee hours of Monday.

The pipeline was carrying gas from East Godavari District’s Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh to the company’s facility in Bharuch of Gujarat. The pipeline was immediately plugged in Sadashivpet Mandal’s Maddikunta village of Medak district in Telangana.

Current situation

Efforts are being made to control the fire and isolate the affected section of the pipeline. A spokesperson from the company informed that the fire will be doused within few hours.It is expected that the downstream customers will get a low or interrupted gas flow for a day.

As the leak has been fixed, there is no reason for any worry. Besides, there is no injury or loss reported.

Efforts of Reliance

At 2:30 a.m., security personnel of Reliance, monitoring the spot, noticed a leak in the pipeline. He then immediately reported to Sadashivpet police station. As soon as the company was informed about the fire, it sent its experts to the War Room and the fire site. Within few minutes, the officials of Reliance in Mumbai called its technicians to reach the spot. The technicians were present in the nearby area. Besides, the company also called up police officer of Medak district.

The DSP of Tirupatanna, Sangareddy, informed that as soon as sparks came out of the pipeline, the situation was brought under control. The officers from Reliance immediately cut the gas supply to the associated pipeline in order to prevent any major accident. For enhanced precaution, the company opened two nearbyvents. These vents were positioned at Indresan that is near Patancheru and Madhri that is near Zaheerabad. Through this step, the gas was released in the air.

Police and officials of Reliance instantly roused to action and alerted and vacated the nearby colony of Maddikunta. Besides, the two worked together so that none of the villagers come near the area of the leaked pipeline. Post the leak, gas supply to the power plants of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh were also stopped.

After the fire is completely extinguished, MLV – 14 will be isolated. Investigation will take place for its internal functioning and then downstream customers will be supplied the gas, normally. The company has already informed all the authorities and customers that may be affected due to the blaze.


RGTIL is a part of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited. The company deals in transmitting and distributing Natural Gas in India. Its East-West pipeline is the biggest Greenfield pipeline development that a company has ever handled in the country. The company has changed the face of gas transmission in India.



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