Reliance Jio’s Entry to Impact India’s Telecom Sector

Reliance Jio Infocomm of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries will be rolling out its services by the end of 2015. The launch is set to impact the entire telecom industry.

Views of Deven Choksey

Deven Choksey of K.R. Choksey Investment Managers said that Reliance Jio is one stock he will be interested in, for the next few months. He feels that the entry of Reliance Jio is not only important for Reliance Industries, but also for the entire telecom sector. He looks forward to the revelation of its business and revenue models.

He said that currently the company looks like a digital entity in the telecom space. It may just be like other telecom operators or cable operators. Moreover, the company may also be like a Direct-To-Home (DTH) company. Therefore, he will be very keen on how the company will roll out its business.

Reliance Jio’s Impact on Other Operators

The much-awaited launch of Reliance Jio has compelled other telecom operators to take serious measures to elevate their businesses. The telecom space in the country is crowded and highly competitive. The competition will only heat up more with Reliance Jio’s entry.

Last quarter, the margin of Reliance Industries’ core oil-refining business was the highest of the past seven years. Nomura analysts predict that the company will gain from Chinese petrochemical demand next year. The company may then increase its debt. From last year, the debt is already raised by 11% to around USD 24 billion.

Future of Content in India

The content industry had been suffering due to prohibitive distribution costs. Last year, Reliance Industries took over Viacom’s India partner, Network 18. Reliance Jio is making itself a content company apart from being a digital company.

With the increased penetration of mobile internet, content producers will gain significantly. Last year, almost half of all mobile data traffic in India was sourced from audio and video downloads and streaming. Deloitte expects that the contribution of digital entertainment content will increase to 74% and usage will increase 20 times in the next five years, which means that content is set to be the winner in the country’s mobile data war.

Breakthrough Energy Coalition

Eminent entrepreneurs and billionaires of the world are partnering to roll out a multi-million dollar clean energy fund. The fund, known as the ‘Breakthrough Energy Coalition’, was announced at the climate change summit, held in Paris. It aims to make investments in technologies that will help in dealing with a number of climatic problems. The coalition includes the likes of Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Ratan Tata, among others.


Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, with its focus on content, will have a huge impact on the telecom industry of India after its launch.


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