Reliance Jio Awaits Employee Feedback Prior to Commercial Launch

Reliance Jio is in no rush to launch its 4G services and is clearly more focused on delivering high quality service to its customers. The company has made it clear that they will willingly forego the first mover advantage in India’s 4G sector, while improving services, based on the feedback from their employees.

Reliance Jio’shead of strategy and planning, Anshuman Thakur, expressed this sentiment when he stated “There’s no final date on Jio 4G launch. We will wait till employees say the Jio network is better than others.”Chairman MukeshAmbaniwas also optimistic and hoped that the company’s provision of free service to its employees would “help in cocreating the best experience for all our customers”.

Tentative Launch Dates

Technological limitations and India’s underdeveloped handset ecosystem have impeded earlier launches of 4G service, despite the fact that Jio has had pan-India 4G airwavesin the 2300 Mhz band, from way back in 2010. In an endeavor to ensure world-class quality at the time of the launch of consumer services, the company initiated a limited rollout, providing services only to employees and family members on 27th December 2015. The commercial launch is now most likely to take place in March-April, which would be in keeping with a statement from the company that indicated that the fiscal year beginning from April would be its first full fiscal year of commercial operations.

4G Service for Employees

Reliance Jio began its trial and testing of 4G services for the local market towards the end of December, providing connectivity to Reliance Jio employees and family members exclusively. In less than a month the number of users on Jio’s 4G network has already reached 100,000. This trial period with free service for employees will continue until the time of the commercial rollout, during which time the company will gather comprehensive data and feedback to optimize and improve services for end customers.

The company has already channeled more than INR 1,00,000 crores into its telecom venture, with the board now clearing the path to raise an additional INR 15,000 crores through rights issue to existing shareholders.

Reliance Retail Gears Up for Ecommerce Debut

Reliance Retail launched a beta version of its fashion and lifestyle website. At present it has been launched on an invitation-only basis, but is expected to go live by the end of the fourth quarter. The last quarter also witnessed the opening of 16 new ‘Reliance Trends’ stores, in December. The company’s retail business achieved its highest-ever quarterly turnover of INR 6,042 crores in the last quarter and it now has more than 3,000 stores operating across the country.


Jio is readying for the commercial launch of 4G services, based on feedback from the employee test launch that now has 100,000 users.


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