Reliance Jio to Offer Superior Voice Quality on VoLTE

Reliance Jio has launched its 4G services and smartphones for its employees. The Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) features of the LYF branded phones are already attracting a lot of attention.

Voice on VoLTE

VoLTE will let Reliance Jio manage voice calls over LTE networks. It will offer High-Definition (HD) voice clarity and enhanced connectivity. The voice quality on VoLTE is much better than the voice quality on GSM. Voice on VoLTE is loud and crystal clear, and free from any background interference, cracking, or breaking of voice. Reliance Jio ensures that talking over VoLTEis so clear that one would think the caller is seated right beside them.

Reliance JioVoLTE services offer voice conference calls with up to 7 persons and video conference calls with up to 3 persons, on its high-speed 4G internet. In addition, users are also able to download and surf, even when on call.

Earlier, operators used 2G or 3G networks to carry voice, while LTE was used only to carry data. Now, with the help of LTE, operators like Reliance Jio transmit voice calls with greater frequencies, offering clear and detailed audio.

Reliance Industries has also partnered with mobile phone manufacturers like LG and Micromax for smartphones supporting VoLTE technology. They will soon be rolling out theirsmartphones.

Distribution of Smartphones

The retail arm of Reliance Industries, Reliance Retail will look after the distribution of LYF branded phones. By the end of this week, the company will ship the handsets to around 1.2 lakh retailers across the country.

The electronics arm, Reliance Digital is witnessing a great response in the sales of itsVoLTE-equipped smartphones. It has joined hands with 6 zonal distributors.

Reliance Retail launched the initial LYF branded phones of Earth 1, Water 1, and Water 2. These phones are priced at INR 23,990, INR 14,990, and INR 14,690, respectively, and are currently available at discounted rates.

The company has nearly 5,000 digital sales specialists working on the sales of the handsets and 1,000 service centersworking on after-sales service.

Reliance Retail’s E-commerce Venture

Reliance Retail is focusingon establishing itself in the e-commerce space. At present, the company is testing its service with customers and gathering feedback on the performance of its website.

The fashion website,promoting a private label, will also buy 60% of its product from national and international brands. The company will be launching its website with 30,000 sellers. This is 15% of the total sellers in India.

Experts predict that the visionary planning and deep pockets of Reliance Retail will soon let it emerge as a leader in the e-commerce business.

In another venture, Reliance Retail has associated itself with Coca-Cola. Coca-Colarecently announced the launch of its new beverage. It is a ready-to-drink flavored milk, called Vio. Under the pilot launch, the company will make the drink available across 500 Reliance Retail outlets,starting from Republic Day.


Jio offers HD voice quality over the LTE networks resulting in loud and crystal clear voice services.


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