Reliance Retail Ready with Game Plan for LYF Sale

Reliance Retail has revealed that its LYF phones are poised to exploit 4G and are future-ready. Although the smartphone market demand has been dominated with ‘purchase by invitation’ and ‘flash sales’ of late, Reliance Retail has gone all out with the old-school marketing technique, ‘Shock and Awe’.

The subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries started its operations with 120,000 retail outlets and more than 1,200 distributors. As Indian customers often fret about the quality of after sales services, there are more than 1,000 service centers. Thus, LYF is strongly positioned in the digital arena.

LYF is the smartphone flagship from the largest electronics retail chain Reliance Retail that includes omnipresence through Digital Express stores and Reliance Digital stores. These stores give them a clout that can’t be replicated by newcomers.

LYF Tries to Enter a Competitive Market Segment

LYF is trying to make its presence felt in a highly competitive and cluttered segment of the market, and as per a Counterpoint Research report, India is the second largest smartphone market in terms of users. At present, there are more than 220 million, but the smartphone has reached less than 30% of its potential audience.

Market experts believe that 4G can be the next big inflection point for smartphone sales, and handsets between INR 6,000 to INR 15,000 are sure to witness the largest sales growth.

LYF Sales to Get a Boost with Reliance Jio Services

LYF is betting on the launch of Reliance Jio services, and through Reliance Retail, wants to push the devices across the price range starting from INR 5, 499 for Flame 1 to INR 19, 399 for Earth 1. The Earth series is the packed with high-end features, while the Wind series is oriented for its cutting-edge design and the Flame and Water series are moderately priced. The VoLTE platform offers what the people are looking for, fantastic features, extraordinary experience, and affordable prices.

Reliance Employees Doubled up as Beta Testers

The incredible range of LYF smartphones was designed after extensive research and taking valuable suggestions from employees at Reliance, who even doubled up as the beta testers. They have been using the devices for the past few months and some modifications have already been made, based on their feedback. One such instance is the introduction of the phone with a larger screen with the Wind series. Not only this, employees even played a role in package designing, resulting in box free of many tropes of cellphone packaging.

The company plans to go beyond the tech-savvy early adopters who need little or no convincing to shift to 4G. Reliance Retail aims for the consumers who previously owned a featured phone and are now ready to make a jump from 2G to rich media environment of 4G. To prepare for these first-time users, LYF outlets will feature a gadget that will enable instant data transfer from their existing phones to new ones.


Reliance Retail has its game plan ready to drive sales of the LYF handsets that have been much-awaited by consumers.


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