Reliance Jio’s CAF Testing Phase Nears Completion

Reliance Jio is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they offer the best 4G services. Therefore, in addition to rigorous promotions, the company has been testing its network services using Customer Acquisition Forms (CAFs). So far, only employees and Reliance associates have been witnesses to the network’s reliability. The company is now prepared to take on a bigger challenge by activating these services for the public.

Commercial launch underway

The second phase soft launch was proposed to go on floors this month. However, Reliance has decided to go slow and steady with the process to ensure that there remains no room for error. This was confirmed by an employee at the regional headquarters of Reliance Jio at Kochi. Referring to activation being conducted by the company, the same source added that testing at places like Kochi and Thrissur had been completed, while some places like Malappuram were still awaiting activation.

Glitch-free activation

One of the main highlights of Reliance’s activation program is its rapid activation compared to that of its counterparts. Unlike its competitors who require a time interval of 24 to 48 hours to commence activation, Reliance is able to do the same in a matter of 30 minutes.

Easy subscription activation

The company has made special arrangements for transferring customer documents (for subscription activation) by instructing retailers on scanning documents and sending it througha mobile app. This excludes the need for customer documents to be physically transported to headquarters like some companies do.

4G compatible Lyf smart phones

Recipients of LYF smart phones will be among the first to avail of Jio’s high-speed network services. In fact, to increase customer acquisition, Reliance has already begun advertising the same through various television channels.

Integrated network

Reliance Communications (RCom) and Reliance Industries network integration will result in a few changes. RCom stores across the country will now keep 4G SIM cards for sale. Additionally, the company intends to draw its CDMA subscribers to the integrated 4G network of the two companies.Therefore, subscribers will be required to replace their old CDMA UIM’s with 4G SIMs to avail of Jio’s network. The integration of Reliance Communication’s 850 MHz into Jio’s 4G network will enhance overall network services.

Investment for telecom expansion

Reliance’s 4G network services will serve as competition for its rivals who will have to push their sales if they are to survive in the market. Reliance has invested around 19 billion dollars in its telecom venture. The company at present has a network layout of 2.7 lakh km fiber cable, 90,000 towers and 50,000 small cells. It intends to invest an additional 30,000 crore in FY17 towards expansion of the same.

A report by Morgan Stanley also indicated that the company’s network services are scheduled for activation within three months. It added that this could mean a revenue derivation of one billion dollars in the current financial year for Reliance Industries. The same report also predicted a subscriber base of 30 million and 60 million for Reliance in the FY17 and FY18 respectively.


Reliance Jio conducts testing through CAFs to ensure smooth network functionality; RCom to drive sales of 4G SIMs.


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