Reliance Jio’s LYF is the Fifth Largest Smart Phone Brand in the Country

Reliance Retail’s LYF brand has battled it out to emerge as the fifth largest smart phone brand in the country. Despite the shipment of smart phone brands in the country experiencing an all-time low; Reliance has not faced any hiccups with regard to shipment of their LYF handsets.

The steep 8.2 percent fall in shipments of smart phones in the first quarter was held in stark contrast to Reliance’s considerable performance in the electronics sector. The growth was attributed to the sudden demand for 4G mobiles in India. These findings were reported by the International Data Corp (IDC).

A good start for Reliance

Reliance Retail’s LYF smart phones have garnered positive reviews since its launch in the fourth quarter. One of the main reasons for its growth in the electronics sector appears to be Jio’s unparalleled 4G data services. Going by the IDC report, the retail arm has even managed to outdo Lava International with regard to smart phone shipments. Jio’s VoLTE devices will have a surge in buyers in the coming months post the commercial launch of its data services.

Decline in smart phone shipments

Although the overall smart phone shipments are lagging behind schedule, IDC trade analysts confirmed that things would be on track in the succeeding quarters. IDCs senior research manager Navkendar Singh spoke with reference to smart phone manufacturers stating that the emerging trend was to offer consumers affordable data packages and cost-efficient handsets.

Seven percent market share

LYF has already garnered a seven percent share in the market. The phones are available in eight models; three of them have already hit the Reliance Digital Stores. Other LYF handsets are available for purchase at various Reliance stores and online shopping portals. The 4G LTE phones such as EARTH 1, LYF WATER 1, LYF FLAME 1, LYF WATER 2, LYF FLAME 2, LYF WIND 4, LYF WIND 6 and LYF WATER 5 are decently priced and range from Rs. 4,799 to over Rs. 15,000.

Trial phase for employees

Jio’s head of strategy and planning, Anshuman Thakur revealed that the much-awaited 4G launch was scheduled for a later date to complete network optimization and avoid the possibility of technical glitches. Prior to the commencement of full-scale services, the company held a trial phase for all its employees and associates on the 28th of December, 2015. The combined effort of the company’s 5,00,000 work-force ensured the venture’s success. 

Invite-only program

The invite program kick-started by the telecom arm also facilitated the popularity of the company’s 4G services. As per the initiative, Reliance employees were permitted to invite ten acquaintances to try out Jio’s high-speed network. On furnishing identity proof and the unique invitation code received through mail, the members could then obtain a SIM and avail of the data services.

It is evident that Reliance has clearly defined its future ahead. The company is said to have signed an Intra-Circle Roaming deal with BSNL. According to an ET report, the deal will be operational across 22 circles. Jio also took steps to ensure a seamless network framework by collaborating with Reliance Communications for spectrum-sharing across nine circles. Additionally, the company confirmed its decision to use the Bay of Bengal Gateway to fuel Jio’s broadband services.


LYF brand emerges as the fifth largest smart phone brand in the country despite decline in shipments of other smart phone brands.



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