Reliance Retail Emerges as the Largest Retail Chain in the Country

Reliance Industries’ fiscal report for January to March 2015 revealed that Reliance Digital has outdone incumbents like Croma and Nexthave to emerge as the largest retail chain in the country with 1000 outlets.

Reliance also operates several consumer stores across the country like Reliance Market and Reliance Digital Xpress Mini. While the former is a hub for a variety of customer items like groceries, the latter is now the leading channel for supply of mobile handsets in the country. The 43 market stores operated by Reliance’s Retail have seen a surge in customers, with around 15, 00,000 people registering including several organizations, grocery stores and hotels.

Reliance Trends

The company also manages Reliance Trends, one of the most established departmental stores in the country. With 200 outlets across the country, this chain witnesses an impressive sale of around 1.5 lakh garments daily and is a favorite with fashion-conscious customers. Reliance’s pursuit for customer satisfaction does not end here, the company’s foot wear business has been gaining momentum with around 200 outlets in 100 cities.

Retail chains across cities

Around 2,621 stores by Reliance Retail have branched across 200 cities in the country. These stores span an area of 12.5 million square feet. Apart from this, the company also introduced 930 more outlets that take up 0.9 million square feet. The good news being that, stores that have been functional for over a year have reported a 17 percent growth.

Profit derivation

Reliance also aims to build up its work force; from 35,000 in 2013, the company intends to increase the number to 1, 20,000 by 2018. Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Retail also reported an increase in profits in FY14-15 in comparison to the previous year, with an increased revenue of 21.2 percent (scaled up to Rs. 17,640 crores). Profits also witnessed a rise from FY13-14s Rs. 363 crores to Rs. 784 crores.

Rebranding stores

Reliance Digital Express and Digital Express Mini outlets will now be revamped and rebranded as Reliance Jio. This marketing strategy is considered to be a smart move as the same is likely to push sales of LYF handsets and 4G data services a notch higher. These will be a one-stop-shop for consumers to purchase LYF phones, data packages and avail of customer service facilities, particularly after the October launch of the company’s telecom services. Customers could also avail of Jio’s free 4G data services for around three months. In addition, Reliance’s rebranding concept could also increase the number of stores in the country. Sales are also more likely to be affected positively because of the company’s tie-up with 1.2 retailers and the strategic location of stores.

Fifth largest smart phone brand

Lyf Smartphone’s increasing popularity has also been attributed to experienced personnel like Sunil Dutt. He is the president in charge of managing the devices segment at Reliance Jio and a former business chief at Samsung and Blackberry.

A report by Counterpoint Research Technology also stated that Jio is now the fifth largest smart phone brand in the country with a seven percent share in the market, in the first quarter itself. It is also a leading LTE provider in India.


Reliance Retail leads with the most number of consumer outlets in the country.


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