Reliance Starts Sale of LYF Smart Phones with Free Data for Three Months

Reliance Jio has given a head start to its telecom venture by commencing the sale of LYF smartphones and SIM cards in major Indian cities. These services will ensure that users get a rich digital experience. Jio’s high-speed network is already creating waves with the company resorting to network optimization as well as a test phase to avoid glitches.

Invite-only program

The test phase for employees and associates was followed by an invite-only program that was executed by Reliance employees themselves. The scheme allowed employees to invite 10 members on Jio’s bandwidth using a Jio 4G SIM. This program has now drawn to a close as the company gears for commencement of full-scale operations.

Services available in select cities

The services offered by Jio comprise free unlimited 4G data and voice calls for 4,500 minutes. The commercial launch is expected to happen in the succeeding months. Analysts though have predicted the roll out of services in the month of December.

These handsets are currently on sale at large-format outlets in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru. LYF devices are also available in tier-1 cities across states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. website

The telecom company has gone a step ahead to ensure the convenience of its customers by launching an online portal called to facilitate subscription of Jio’s services. The website is also viewed as a smart marketing strategy to draw customers and build its database. It will help customers gain easy access to Jio applications and also avail of exclusive discounts. The website also offers customers the option of browsing through several apps like JioOnDemand, JioChat, MyJio and Jio-Play.

Spectrum-sharing pact

To enhance Jio’s network framework, the company has also entered into a spectrum-sharing deal in 17 circles with Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications. A spectrum-trading agreement has also been finalized between the two companies. Anshuman Thakur, Jio’s strategy and planning head also confirmed that the spectrum would soon be integrated. Additionally, Jio has also struck deals with telecom tower organizations like Indus Towers, Reliance Infratel, Viom Networks and Bharti Infratel.

Investment towards the telecom venture

Considered to be one of the world’s biggest start-ups by Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Jio has a lot of money riding on its telecom venture. An estimated Rs. 1.5 lakh crore has been invested on the same. The company’s USP is its affordable high-speed data that is 80 times faster than services offered by rivals.

Jio’s entry is also expected to jeopardize the strong-hold of incumbents who would have to lower prices of services if they are to survive in the competitive market. The company already has user base of 500,000, and will plan the commercial launch once the numbers go up to a few million. Jio has also consolidated with several established vendors like CK Telecom, Tinno, ZTE and Wingtech for the supply of LYF smart phones such as LYF EARTH 1, LYF WATER 1, LYF FLAME 1, LYF Water 2, LYF FLAME 2, LYF FLAME 3, LYF FLAME 4, LYF FLAME 6, LYF WIND 4, LYF WIND 6 and LYF WATER 5.


Jio commences sale of 4G-enabled LYF smart phones and SIMs packed with free data for three months.


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