Why Reliance Chairperson Nita Ambani Makes a Fitting Candidate for the IOC

Nita Ambani has been nominated in the volunteer category of the International Olympic Committee. The nomination comes as no surprise owing to her role in popularizing sports in India, right from the grassroots level. She enabled over three million children to fulfill their dreams in various sports, either directly through Reliance Foundation, or their several joint ventures.

The International Olympic Committee

Created in June 1894, the IOC acts as the central head facilitating coordinated collaboration of the numerous federations and organizing committees constituting the Olympic family.


The IOC will host their 129th session at Brazil ahead of the Olympics. The election will be conducted between the 2nd and 4th of August, in Rio de Janeiro.

Nominees need not be sportspersons themselves; their selection is affected by their involvement in the field and the potential value addition. The nominations made to the IOC promise to ensure a truly diverse mix of views involved towards bettering the Olympic Games.

Indian Nominees

The Indian nominees’ list currently includes Sir Dorabji Tata, and Randhir Singh. Mrs. Ambani’s addition will make her the third and she would also be the first Indian woman to be featured in the IOC members’ list.

Nita Ambani

The field of sports comes naturally to her, considering Reliance Foundation’s persistent endeavors in cricket, football, basketball, and kabaddi, to name a few. Dhirubhai Ambani International School and their 13 other institutes strongly focus on athletics. The international school offers activities like judo, taekwondo, basketball, and football apart from cricket.

Indian Super League

The Indian Super League grassroots movement, backed by Reliance Foundation is aimed at reaching 500,000 children across the country in its first run. The program focuses on initiating the children’s interest in football, their training and eventually top talent-picking.

Future plans of the IOC

Nita Ambani’s involvement in the Indian Premier League as the owner of the Mumbai Indians team makes her a suitable choice. As the IOC is looking to make a foray into cricket, she would prove to be an asset to the committee.

The committee is currently working towards creating an all-year sports platform for athletes and sportspersons termed ‘the Olympic Channel’. Since this is a long-term plan, it would require careful planning. Nita Ambani’s experience as a media house owner would profit the International Olympic Committee.

Olympic Agenda 2020

‘The strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement’, as it is called, the Olympic Agenda 2020 focuses on improving the uniqueness of the Games in 2020, as well as the field of sports in general.

Key areas include eradicating discrimination of the basis of sexual orientation, strengthening the ethics, and discouraging athlete doping.


Nita Ambani is a suitable Indian candidate for the IOC.


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