Reliance Industries Strongly Comes Out Against Essar Tapes Content

Reliance Industries has come out unscathed by allegations that have developed to mar the status of the business giant. An official statement by the company was issued to confirm the fallacy of the accusations. It stated that the conversations on which the false reports are based have been purely doctored to hinder the growing success that Reliance Industries has been achieving over the years.

Attempt at invading privacy

A report by Outlook magazine reported the events that unfolded, which put Reliance Industries in the spotlight. The report on Friday stated that malicious Essar tapes were leaked to defame several influential people. The activity is being termed as an invasion of privacy and Reliance Industries intends to resort to legal action to determine the root of the issue.

Unlawful wire tapping

The tapes supposedly contain fabricated conversations of politicians, bureaucrats and several influential businessmen over a span of 11 years. Reliance Industries Chairman, Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Communications’ owner Anil Ambani are among the victims of the phone tapping incident which have outraged the brother duo.

Role played by Albasit Khan

The man in question responsible for the phone tapping of several well-known personalities is Albasit Khan. He was a former employee at the Essar Group and held the position of head of security and vigilance at the organization.

Counterfactual allegations

Among the irrelevant allegations include a conversation between Reliance Chairman, Mukesh Ambani and Satish Seth, the company’s director. The duo has been falsely rumored to have commented on the managerial condition of the Supreme Court.

Based on inaccurate evidence

Furthermore, the perpetrators of the offence have gone on to divulge distorted information of the two discussing ways to disintegrate the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) by illegal means. The reliability of these revelations are highly questionable as people responsible for the same refuse to vouch for them.

Law abiding company

Reliance Industries Limited though, remains undeterred by these developments. The spokesperson for Reliance reflected the company’s utter disbelief at the recent reports. At the same time, Reliance believes in the sheer integrity of their actions and vouches for the transparency they’ve maintained throughout. In the words of the spokesperson, the company has a record of adhering to the law of the country and at no point in time have they made an exception with regard to the same. The sensational allegations are being touted as irrelevant and an attempt at gaining unnecessary attention.

Reliance Industries expects higher authorities to look into the matter and come to a resolution. The company is willing to offer complete support to the authorities in investigations to negate the allegations.


Reliance Industries Limited falls victim to false allegations; the company claims the same as an attempt to mar its reputation.


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