Reliance Jio’s Marketing Strategy

As the date of Reliance Jio’s commercial launch draws closer, the world’s biggest start-up is finalizing its game plan to effectively penetrate the smart phone industry in India. Jio aims at serving over 100 million users within one year of its launch.

Competitive pricing

Jio 4G data services are not intended to lure only the high-end customers but also focus on the low to mid range segments. These sections of the market are being targeted by offering all services at reasonable prices.

LYF smart phones are priced between Rs. 4,000 to Rs 19,000 which provides maximum off take, therefore helping Jio derive high returns.

Single-device country

The prices of LYF handsets have been determined considering that India is soon becoming a country where smart phone users prefer to perform most tasks on their cellular devices. Recently, Reliance Jio launched LYF WIND 1 which is one of the best mobile under 10000 under the LYF brand. From keeping a track of the latest news, watching movies, playing games, to reading books, the smart phone is becoming an all-encompassing device.

This very reason is the motivation behind Reliance Jio’s attempt at creating affordable handsets and services that meet high-quality standards.

Jio services

Jio aims at creating an entire digital ecosystem, offering broadband services, applications, smart devices, and mobile telephony facilities. It’s offerings range from a wide library of recorded and live music programs, television shows, sports programs to movies. .

Jio Money and Jio Play are among the most popular Jio applications.

Jio Play

The Jio Play content streaming service allows users to conveniently catch up on their favorite TV shows.  It allows uninterrupted entertainment without buffering videos and also provides a seven-day back-up of shows.

E-health services

Reliance Jio has recently entered into an association with a public health center in Punjab. The company’s e-health services are currently being tested there. The goal is to create a platform wherein video calls can enable both medical examination and diagnosis of patients.

Reliance’s stake

Titled as the biggest bet made in the telecom industry, the parent company – Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has invested more than $ 22 billion in Jio. This investment helps Jio provide high-quality services due to its extensive 4G spectrum, advanced technology, and the widest accession of optical fiber network in the country.

A source stated that prior to the commercial launch, everything will be checked, and re-checked in order to eliminate all glitches and create a seamless experience.

Infrastructural support

Reliance Jio is equipped to offer data plans operating at speeds of 8 to 10 MBPS. The company has also invested in 500,000 sq.ft of data centers which are currently functioning in Noida, Nagpur, and Navi Mumbai. An additional 500,000 sq.ft of area will also become operational for the same prior to the commercial launch. These centers not only aid efficient storage of data but also act as servers for Jio applications.

The fifth-largest smart phone provider in India (within the first quarter after its launch), according to data by Counterpoint Research, Reliance Jio’s commercial launch is much awaited.


Reliance Jio’s marketing strategy relies on targeting low-to-mid price ranges in terms of LYF devices, as well as Jio 4G data services. Many Jio services are undergoing final tests, as the company prepares for the anticipated commercial launch.


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