Reliance Jio Offers LYF Smart Phones at 25% Discounted Rates

Select variants under Jio’s LYF brand are now available to subscribers at discounted rates. Along with the 25% concession, the phones also come with a two-year warranty period, and Jio’s free 4G services for three months.

Discounted models

LYF FLAME 2, LYF FLAME 4, LYF FLAME 5, and LYF FLAME 6 are some of the smart phone devices available under this discount offer. The FLAME sub-series was initially priced at Rs. 3,999, but a few of its models are now available for purchase at only Rs. 2,999. Six LYF devices are being offered at discounted rates, three of which are available for a high discount of Rs. 1000. The offer includes LYF’s WATER 2 and WIND 6 variants.

Additional benefits

Along with the reduction in costs, the phones are equipped with a two-year warranty period as opposed to the general one-year period offered by most smart phone brands. Buyers also have access to Jio’s free unlimited voice and data services, through a Jio SIM card for a three-month period.

Jio SIMs

Earlier, Jio SIM cards were available only through the referral invites but can now be acquired through the company’s website, Users who receive a free SIM with their LYF devices must understand that the SIM card is locked to the smart phone for the initial three months during which they may enjoy free data services. With the rising demand for data services, Jio’s 4G in India service is expected to encounter a highly rewarding phase with increasing subscribers opting for this network.

Third-largest seller

A report by Cyber Media Research and Services Ltd. states that LYF was the third-largest mobile phone seller in the March quarter. The brand ranked third among 41 brands, garnering a market share of 12.6%. By April 2016, the brand’s smart phone sales had already crossed the 1.5 million mark.

Distribution network

Sunil Dutt, President of Devices at Reliance Jio, stated that their success is enhanced due to their distribution network, which is the largest in the country. He explained how Jio benefits from having partnered with over 1,200 distribution associates.

LYF smart phones are sold through Reliance Digital stores, the official website, and Digital Express stores. Reliance owns over 3,245 stores of which almost 1,748 include Reliance Digital, Digital Express Mini, and Digital Express stores.

LYF mobile retailers

Reliance Jio, the world’s largest start-up has also tied up with multiple mobile retailers and e-commerce platforms. Some of the mobile retailers include Big C Mobile, Sangeetha Mobiles, Poorvika Mobiles, and Lot Mobiles. LYF devices can also be purchased from online shopping portals like Flipkart or Amazon.

Future plans

In addition to offering smart phones and smart television sets, Reliance intends to also manufacture tablets, cameras, electronic wearable devices, and dongles. The company’s television sets would also serve to expand the reach of Jio’s content services.


Six LYF devices are being offered with 25% discounts. Additionally, the phones come with free Jio data and voice services for three months and a two-year warranty period. Having sold 1.5 million devices by April, LYF became the third-largest seller of LTE-enabled 4G devices.


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