Reliance Jio: An Emerging Telecom Service Provider

Reliance Jio services are currently in their beta phase of testing and analysts continue to predict the date of its commercial launch, which is expected to happen later this year. The company has already rolled out its data and voice calling services to a certain extent.

Reliance Jio is leading in terms of pan-India spectrum purchases and will soon offer 4G services on LYF’s LTE-enabled devices.

Jio services

Customers can avail of free Jio services on the purchase of a LYF handset for 90 days. Available as a restricted preview currently, users can truly enjoy Jio services only after registering on the official website,

Post registration, individuals would receive a code that would grant them access to all of Jio’s add-on services and content streaming platforms. This code not only comes with an expiry date but also cannot be shared or transferred. On average, Reliance Jio’s   speed test on its 4G network saw a download speed of 6 to 10 MBPS.

LYF smart phones

WIND 5 and WIND 6 are priced at Rs. 6,599 and Rs. 5,999 respectively and allow users to experience seamless data calls. They also boast of an HD 5-inch display and a powerful 8 MP rear camera. LYF’s EARTH 1 and EARTH 2 are its premium range of smart phones and retail at a price of Rs. 15,000 and above.

LYF cellular devices are available at Reliance Digital Stores and Digital Xpress Mini Stores. The large distribution network has helped Reliance LYF to become the fifth- largest Indian smart phone brand in terms of sales.

Devices on discount

LYF smart phones are available across a wide price range starting from Rs. 4,000 up to Rs. 20,000. In order to increase the Indian public’s accessibility to quality smart phones that also support 4G services, Reliance announced discounted rates for several LYF devices.

This move of announcing a dip in LYF smartphone price has ensured that users can purchase LTE-enabled FLAME handsets at an affordable price of Rs. 2,999 each. In addition to their specifications, all LYF handsets come with a free Jio SIM card packed with free data services for a three-month period.

Jio’s pilot launch

In its test phase, Jio witnessed a monthly usage of over 13 million GB across the country. The pilot launch of Jio invited Jio’s employees, major stakeholders, associates, relatives, and friends to use the service. Jio’s pilot launch led to 7,000,000 individuals consuming data of around 13 million GB with each user consuming an average of 19.2 GB. A company source stated that Reliance has invested almost 34,000 crores towards its telecom venture.


Reliance Jio is gearing up for its commercial launch which is expected to take place in late 2016. Currently, certain LYF handsets are available at discounted rates along with a Jio SIM card that offers users unlimited services for three months.


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