A to Z Guide on Reliance Jio Applications

Reliance Jio has officially launched its commercial services across its 22 telecom circles. One of the key features that add to its popularity is the exhaustive range of premium Jio applications which allow individuals to stream content, protect their devices, and do a lot more at no cost till the 31st of December, 2016.

Jio applications

Certain applications are offered as part of the Reliance Jio preview offer. These applications focus on diverse categories like entertainment, storage, and news. Users can start enjoying these apps by downloading the MyJio application which functions as a gateway app.


Users may enjoy uninterrupted music streaming in various languages using JioBeats. They also have the option to download ad-free music onto their smart phones. The comprehensive music streaming service encompasses more than 2.5 million songs along with live radio stations.


JioTV is the content streaming platform offered by Reliance Jio that allows individuals to view more than 350 TV channels in over 15 languages. The application will also allow users to catch up with their favorite television shows through the seven-day recap feature. Additionally, the application includes content discovery and reminder facilities.


The JioCinema application is a go-to streaming platform for movie buffs. It offers movie trailers, Jio shorts, and television shows in addition to HD movies. The application functions as an on-demand video library which is home to more than 100,000 hours of content. It allows individuals to recreate a movie experience with its HD streaming and 5.1 surround sound facilities.


The JioJoin application is an attempt by Reliance Jio to streamline calling and messaging in smart phones. This app comprehensively contains your chats, video calls, voice calls, and text messages. Users with non-VoLTE devices may also make HD voice and video calls with the help of JioJoin to any landline or mobile number in the world. Another feature is its convenient file sharing service.


The news application, JioNews, allows individuals to keep up with the latest happenings around the world. Users may keep track of events through JioNews’ breaking news service which spans across more than 11 categories. The content, offered in varied Indian languages like Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, and Telugu, may be saved offline and read later.


Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio makes a plethora of magazine options available for Jio customers through the JioMags app. Spanning several categories and languages, this application acts as a portable magazine bookshelf that lets users enjoy premium subscriptions.

The most important technology today is cloud storage and Jio has it all sorted with the JioDrive app. Jio SIMs and LYF smart phones have an inbuilt 5GB of storage space called JioDrive. This application allows individuals to store their contacts, photos, messages, call logs, and documents, acting as a backup safety net. This application can also be easily accessed through desktop devices.


Reliance Jio offers a range of premium applications to Jio customers for free until December 31st, 2016.


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