RF’s Work in the Field of Healthcare for Women and Children

Established in 2010 by Founder and Chairperson Nita Ambani, Reliance Foundation (RF) is an organization that serves to expand the charitable activities of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL).

One of the foundation’s main areas of interest includes providing equal healthcare opportunities, which are affordable as well as easily available, to all sections of Indian society.

Health for All initiative

RF’s motto ‘health for all’ has helped it devise an integrated healthcare model that helps disseminate services to the most afflicted communities across the country. The foundation has developed a network of healthcare delivery mechanisms. More than 35 lakh individuals have benefitted through RF’s initiatives, which span from childcare, specialized care for HIV/AIDS patients, to the treatment of disorders like diabetes.

Since women and children’s health needs often go unnoticed in India, Reliance Foundation caters to them, with some of its initiatives dedicated specially to these groups. The programs help increase awareness regarding several issues that concern women such as cervical cancer, sanitation, hygiene requirements, menstruation, and the importance of child immunization.

Women and children’s healthcare

Owing to menstruation and childbirth, an overwhelmingly large number of women are anemic. Anemia is a disorder wherein an individual’s hemoglobin capacity is diminished, leading to general weakness and fatigue. RF’s initiative focuses on the early detection of this ailment, which in turn would help prevent and manage anemia.

With regard to children, malnutrition poses the biggest risk. Therefore, the foundation works extensively in order to identify afflicted children through its grassroots camps. It then distributes special micro-nutrient supplements that would provide these children with adequate nutrition. Additionally, RF also tracks their developmental status, and provides counseling to their mothers regarding their health. The counseling service offers these mothers insights into correct eating habits. The foundation also works in partnership with local Anganwadi centers, which further extends its reach.

Health Mela

Organized in Mumbai by Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation, the Health Mela was held on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The health camp was aimed at granting quality healthcare services to women. The camp witnessed a large number of healthcare experts coming together to increase awareness about various health services. It provided a platform for women to discuss their problems and find solutions to the same, with the guidance of expert practitioners. Leading doctors also provided free check-ups and medicines at the camp.

As part of its celebrations for International Women’s Day, RF also carries out several health outreach programs in states where the foundation is already conducting rural transformation initiatives. These events are generally aimed at providing a comprehensive insight into maintaining good health for women and children. The camps help increase awareness regarding various ailments, diseases, besides offering free consultations, and long-term solutions to health problems.


Reliance Foundation is extensively engaging in initiatives that are devised to improve the health of women and children in India.


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