Reliance Jio Garners 16 Million Users within a Month and Sets a World Record

Reliance Jio, the newest entrant to the rapidly growing telecom industry in India has made a tremendous impact with its superior 4G offerings. The recent update on its growing popularity indicates that the telecom company has managed to garner a whopping 16 million users within 26 days of being launched.

Reliance Jio’s rapid growth

Reliance Jio  made a successful foray during its welcome offer launch, building a user base of approximately three million users. Post the commercial launch of its services, Jio managed to add 13 million more users to its existing customer base. This achievement made Jio one of the only operators to have managed a subscription rate of this scale. The company released a statement that declared Jio to be one of the fastest start-ups to record such a high growth rate, even surpassing counterparts like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype.

Reliance Jio’s marketing strategy is one of the integral factors that have resulted in the company’s rapid growth. This involves offering unlimited data services and premium applications for free till the end of 2016.

Jio on its way to reaching 100 million users

Mukesh Ambani had stated during Reliance Industries Limited’s (RIL) 42ND annual general meeting that Jio aims to target 100 million users in the shortest time span. He added that the same would lead to a 250 crore GB (gigabyte) of data usage every month.

Today, not only is Jio on its way to achieving the set target, but also giving rivals a run for their money by offering affordable tariff plans to users. Incumbent operators have been affected by Jio’s marketing strategy, which aims to offer free data services to users till December 31st 2016. Thereafter, Jio will continue to offer high-speed 4G services to customers at minimum rates with 10 tariff plans. According to these plans, occasional data consumers can subscribe for the Rs. 19 per day plan while low data consumers can opt for the Rs. 149 per month scheme. Additionally, those who require high amounts of data can choose the Rs. 4,999 per month plan.

Mukesh Ambani’s reaction to Jio’s success

Mukesh Ambani expressed his views on Jio’s success by stating that he was not only delighted but also humbled by the response. He particularly emphasized on Jio’s aim to empower Indians by providing them with affordable data services. Mukesh Ambani added that he was happy because customers have recognized the opportunity and have embraced the same wholeheartedly. He concluded by stating that Jio would constantly aim to improve its services and surpass the expectations of users.

To further extend its reach, Reliance Jio implemented an electronic Know Your Customer (KYC) method that only requires the Aadhaar card of a customer for verification. This has been introduced across 3100 cities in India. The procedure is hassle-free as it only takes a few minutes for SIM card activation, which makes it a smooth experience for customers. Reliance Jio stated that it intends to introduce the same process across every region in India, with regular improvisation to stabilize the system.


Reliance Jio acquires 16 million subscribers within the first month of its launch, thereby creating a world record.


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