Reliance Jio Attracts Customers by Offering the Home-Delivery Option

Reliance Jio, launched commercially in September 2016, has witnessed rapid growth. This digital ecosystem, devised by parent company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has amassed a large subscriber base of more than 24 million.

A relatively new entrant to the Indian telecom sphere, Reliance Jio is the fastest national service provider. Within a month of the launch of its services itself, the operator had a user base of 16 million and now in less than three months, it has touched 24 million lives. This rapid growth of RIL’s digital arm can be, to a large extent, attributed to its welcome offer that was launched on 5th September, 2016.

Welcome Offer

Under its welcome offer, Reliance Jio users are granted access to unlimited 4G Internet services, local and national voice calls and video calls, and unlimited SMS facilities for free till the 31st of December, 2016. Additionally, individuals may also enjoy the extensive range of premium Jio applications, which lets them browse and stream television shows, movies, music, etc. for free. As part of the company’s offerings, users are also exempted from paying roaming charges, services exclude blackout days, and incoming calls are free for a lifetime.

Jio 4G SIM cards

Jio 4G SIM cards had been in great demand even before Jio’s commercial launch. Even now, retail outlets across the country continue to witness long queues for acquiring the SIM cards. Additionally, in order to streamline the entire process, the world’s largest start-up installed e-KYC machines at its flagship stores. This enables users to submit their Aadhaar Card numbers and fingerprints in order to confirm their identity. Thus, with the help of the electronic verification of identity, users are able to quickly avail of Reliance Jio SIM cards based on just their Aadhaar Card details.

Furthermore, in a move to ensure its user reach is widened even further, the company is initiating a home delivery service. The first of its kind, this will allow interested individuals to avail of a Jio SIM card from the comfort of their homes. Currently, this delivery service is only available in Indian cities like New Delhi and NCR, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Mumbai.

The process

Individuals interested in the delivery service need to follow an easy four-step procedure.

  1. Download the MyJio application on to the smart phone and generate the welcome offer code
  2. Visit the Reliance Jio website wherein personal details have to be submitted
  3. Once the Reliance Jio customer executive visits the user’s residence with an e-KYC device, the Aadhaar Card number needs to be submitted
  4. The user needs to also provide a fingerprint on the e-KYC device’s terminal and the generated welcome offer code

Following the successful completion of all the aforementioned steps, the user’s Jio SIM card will be activated within 15 minutes.

Since numerous reports of call drops and slow Internet services have surfaced owing to the non-cooperation of other telecom operators in India, Jio may extend its welcome offer till March 2017. The company intends to extend it to allow users to enjoy its 4G services for a longer duration.


As part of Jio’s attempt to reach a wider audience, SIM cards are being made available via home delivery in select Indian cities.


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