Reliance Jio Aims to Introduce a Range of Digital Services to Indian Households

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio’s foray into the telecom market marked a huge transformation in the digital sector in India. Jio has even invested a whopping 20 billion dollars towards its all-IP network infrastructure. Although Jio’s 4G services have amassed widespread popularity for their affordability and efficiency, the brand has more plans for the future. This also means that if the company further develops its futuristic digital offerings, it could be recognized among global telecom leaders like China Mobile, AT &T, and Verizon.

Jio Experience Center

The Jio Experience Center, located in Mumbai offers an insight into what the company has in mind for the future, in terms of digitizing the country. The technologies and facilities displayed at the center are aimed at improving not just the regular data and voice services, but other aspects like automation solutions as well. The center mainly showcases the brand’s end-to-end data and voice solutions designed for customers.

Plans for automating homes

Jio has designed various automation solutions for households, which make it possible for individuals to control functions of various devices, simply through a smart phone. For instance, a regular AC can be made to operate smartly by controlling it from a smart phone connected to a network from anywhere. Other benefits of such an automating system include controlling surveillance cameras and door lock systems to optimize security in homes.

Cash-free transactions

Another trending application offered under the brand’s suite of applications is JioMoney. The e-wallet service makes it possible for users to handle important transactions in a cash-free manner. This includes paying bills, making payments at retail stores, and even setting payment reminders. One of the best features, however, is the ability to travel by metro trains by simply tapping a smart phone having the JioMoney application at the entrance to the Metro.

Other futuristic services

JioTV is another offering by the brand. Features of the app include the 7-day recap option. In addition to this, viewers can enjoy more than 6000 movies, in addition to premium television shows and music videos. Apart from this, Jio Education is another offering designed to facilitate interaction between students and teachers from different locations. It also includes course material on the Cloud that students or teachers could gain access to through a device that is connected to the Internet. This ambitious project is currently operational across 300 schools in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Jio is also ready with a project model based on the on board diagnostics (OBD) system of a car. The OBD device by Jio will facilitate functions like driver pattern recognition and enhanced car safety. Additionally, the JioHealthHub application is one of the most useful apps for its ability to help users maintain a check on their health by getting prescription medicines through the app and even viewing health reports like CT scans on their smart phones.

Officials at Reliance Jio stated that the brand is focusing on employing a more comprehensive approach in order to extend its digital services to every home in the country. However, Jio intends to ensure the success of its 4G services before extending its technological offerings across other fields.


Reliance Jio set to broaden its digital offerings and transform the technology industry in India


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