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Millions Pre-Book JioPhone as Demand Soars

August 31, 2017

After millions pre-booked the ‘India ka smartphone’ on Thursday, 24th August, Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio paused the pre-booking for its new feature phone, JioPhone.

Heavy demand for JioPhone

 The pre-booking for JioPhone began at 5:30 pm on 24th August 2017. Some media reports claim that the telecom operator received around three to four million registrations for the JioPhone.

While this fits with the company’s target of making around 5 million phones available, other reports claim that the total number of bookings have surpassed that number. Jio hasn’t yet confirmed any of the claims.

While the company did not state that the heavy demand was the reason for pause in bookings, the message on the company’s website said that million had booked the phone and customers would be informed when the bookings resumed. No date was given for the same.

How to register interest

 The pre-bookings have been paused. However, interested customers may still register their interest on the Jio website. This will not be treated as a pre-booking but by registering, these customers will be notified as the pre-booking resumes.

Here are the steps for individuals to register their interest for the phone:

  • Go to the Jio website, i.e.
  • Click on the register now button
  • Select the individual option
  • Enter details such as name, phone number, email ID, and pin code.
  • Click Submit

Here are the steps for businesses to register their interest for the phone:

  • Go to the Jio website, i.e.
  • Click on the register now button
  • Select the Business option
  • Enter details such as company name, contact number, email ID, PAN or GST number, and pin code
  • Select the number of devices needed
  • Click Submit

If you have booked the JioPhone 

JioPhone is expected to reach the shops by the first week of September. Customers who have already pre-booked the phone online as well as offline are expected to get their phones then. For those who have already booked the phone, a message congratulating them on pre-booking the JioPhone and stating that the payment of INR 500 has been received was sent. The message also mentioned that once the phone is available, the customer will receive the store details.

Here is what happens once the JioPhones hit the stores:

  • For updates on the JioPhone’s delivery status, customers may dial 1800-890-8900 from the phone number registered while pre-booking the phone
  • Once the JioPhones reach their respective stores, the store details will be sent to the customer. These stores are expected to be allotted based on the pin code the customer filled in while booking the phone.
  • The customer will then have to go to the store to collect the JioPhone
  • The customer will have to carry INR 1,000, Aadhar card for identification, as well as the confirmation message or email received after pre-booking the phone


After an estimated three to four million people pre-booked the JioPhone, the telecom operator has paused the bookings.


Reliance Industries Q2 Results Showcase Strong Earnings

October 20, 2016

Reliance Industries Limited, India’s largest private-sector company announced its Q2 results today. The Mukesh Ambani-led conglomerate showcased strong growth all around. RIL’s Quarterly consolidated net profit stood at Rupees 7,206 Crore ($ 1.1 Billion), up from the last quarter 43.1%. Additionally, its quarterly consolidated PBDIT stood at Rupees 13,551 Crore ($ 2.0 Billion), up 24.8%. The company also announced record earnings in the Petrochemicals Segment (EBIT) and record Quarterly Standalone Net Profit of Rupees 7,704 Crore ($ 1.2 Billion), up by 17.9%.

Key Highlights

The numbers showcased in the live telecast of the Q2 results by Alok Agarwal, CFO of RIL indicated to yet another strong showing by RIL. The consolidated revenue (turnover) increased by 9.6% to Rupees 81,651 crore ($ 12.3 billion). PBDIT increased by 24.8% to Rupees 13,551 crore ($ 2.0 billion) and EBIT margin at 11.3%, up by 148bps. What’s sure to ease shareholder sentiment are the numbers showcasing profit. Profit before Tax (excluding exceptional item) increased by 40.8% to Rupees 9,884 crore ($ 1.5 billion) whereas Cash Profit (excluding exceptional item) and Net Profit (excluding exceptional item) increased by 27.7% to Rupees 10,341 crore ($ 1.6 billion) and 43.1% to Rupees 7,206 crore ($ 1.1 billion), respectively.

Petrochemicals, Refining, Oil & Gas

The core of RIL’s business for the past two decades has been petrochemicals, refining and other key areas in the Oil & Gas sector. The business environment has changed dramatically over time and even in the last quarter presented some new challenges. Considering the overall business outlook of this sector, the overall scenario presented in RIL’s Q2 report does indeed look promising.

Global oil demand continues to remain firm tracking 1.3 mb/d growth in 2016. Demand growth in India has been particularly strong with 8% Y-o-Y overall growth in 1H FY17, led by gasoline (+11%), ATF (+11%), LPG (+11%) and diesel (+3%). Average utilization rates for refineries globally in 2Q FY17 were 87.8% in North America, 86.2% in Europe and 86.0% in Asia. RIL’s exports of refined products from India were at $ 4.8 billion during the 2Q FY17 as compared to $ 5.5 billion in 2Q FY16. Export volumes of refined products remained unchanged on a Y-o-Y basis at 11.1 MMT during the quarter.

New Frontiers

Reliance Industries Limited’s foray into telecommunications has been widely anticipated for some time now. The company’s 4G/LTE initiative, a subsidiary of RIL titled, ‘Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited’ officially launched services on September 1st 2016 with its ‘Welcome Offer.’  Jio has already seen over 16 million users subscribing to its services and is growing at a remarkable pace in the less than 50 days after its official launch. Jio also issued Rupees 2,000 crore of 5 year Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs), bearing a coupon of 8.32% per annum, payable annually.

With over 2,50,000 crores invested in this ambitious new venture, Reliance is indeed banking on impressive gains from Jio for both, consumers and shareholders.

Chairman and MD on the Q2 Results

With a performance far better than the markets expected, Chairman and Managaing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd., Mukesh Ambani was understandably quite pleased with the numbers showcased in the results. Commenting on the results, he was quoted as saying, “The Company has achieved outstanding second quarter results with strong refining business performance and record petrochemicals segment earnings. Refining business sustained high profitability in a tough environment highlighting our exceptional refining assets, dynamic response to market trends and robust operations. Petrochemicals segment gained significantly from higher volumes, integration and supportive product margins. Our projects in the hydrocarbon chain are at advanced stages of mechanical completion and precommissioning activities. These projects will further strengthen our position as a leading operator in the energy and materials businesses. We are delighted and humbled by the enthusiastic adoption of Jio by India. Jio is built to empower every Indian with the power of data”.

Nita Ambani Discusses Sports and its Role in Community Development at the Vatican

October 10, 2016

Nita Ambani, Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, is a multi-talented individual. An Indian representative at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), she aims to integrate sports into the lives of millions of Indians.

Nita Ambani is also the person behind the popular Indian Super League (ISL). It is a football league that intends to popularize the sport across India and create a unique platform for young talent. Presently in its third edition, the Hero ISL also has a grassroots initiative. Aimed at inculcating the spirit of the sport across rural towns and villages in India, the grassroots program touched the lives of more than half a million children in its first run itself.

Through her work in the foundation, Nita Ambani continues to spearhead projects that emphasize the role played by sports in the growth of the youth, enabling them to develop their leadership skills.

The Vatican Conference

A conference was held in the Vatican by the IOC and the United Nations (UN). It was hosted by Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General, and Pope Francis. Nita Ambani was the Indian representative at this event, which witnessed the participation of more than 150 world leaders.

The main focus of this conference was on the role played by sport and faith, which if combined would have a greater impact on individuals belonging to different countries and walks of life.

Nita Ambani’s speech

Nita Ambani spoke about sports and humanity at this event. She explained how the field of sports is a medium of change which can help society overcome its differences and unite for a shared cause. Citing numerous case studies from Reliance Foundation’s (RF) youth engagement drives, she explained how sports can help transform the lives of people by creating new opportunities which were previously unavailable. She emphasized on sports, stating that they have the potential to help communities, countries, and consequently, the entire world.

The power of sports

Nita Ambani thanked the organizers for allowing her to speak at the ‘Sport at the Service of Humanity’ conference. She reinstated how sport is capable of fostering relations between people belonging to different religions, regions, and backgrounds.

Nita Ambani, explained how witnessing people belonging to varied ages and groups coming together to support individual players or a team is magical. She explained how sport has the unique power of creating avenues, allowing communities to cast aside their differences and come together. She said that the conference opened up her mind to newer ideas that she hopes to implement in the near future.


The ‘Sport at the Service of Humanity’ Conference held in Vatican City witnessed Nita Ambani speak about the role played by sports in the overall development of individuals belonging to different communities in India and the world.

Rio Olympics Medal Winners Felicitated by IOC Member Nita Ambani

October 4, 2016

Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani’s recent election to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was met with much fervor in India. Besides being the first Indian woman member on the committee, she also received the privilege of distributing medals at the grand Rio Olympics.

Medal distribution at Rio Olympics

This opportunity not only gave her the chance to represent India on a global platform, but also reflected her immense interest in sports. The 400m freestyle podium winners were presented with their medals by Nita Ambani on the 8th of August 2016. Medal winners included Kathleen Ledecky, Jazz Carlin, and Leah Smith, who won gold, silver, and bronze respectively.

Nita Ambani’s role in the development of Indian sports

Nita Ambani has been actively involved in the development of sports in the country through Reliance Foundation. The foundation’s grassroots programs have extended to more than 3 million children so far. Apart from initiating grassroots programs to scout new talent for various sports like basketball and football, Nita Ambani is also the Founder of the Indian Super League (ISL). This league was started off to promote football in the country. So far, it has managed to rise in terms of mass popularity, with the league now in its third edition. Apart from this, Nita Ambani is also the owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Mumbai Indians.

Election to the International Olympic Committee

Nita Ambani’s dedication towards transforming India into a multi-sport nation earned her global recognition when she was nominated and thereafter elected to the International Olympic Committee. The election ceremony took place during the 129th IOC Session at Rio. The process was completed by adhering to the recommendations of the Olympic Agenda 2020. As per its guidelines, she will hold office as member of the committee till she attains 70 years of age. Previously elected representatives from India in the IOC include Sir Dorabji Tata and Raja Randhir Singh, with the latter presently functioning as an honorary member in the International Olympic Committee.

On her election, Nita Ambani expressed her happiness at a press release by stating that she felt humbled by the gesture. She further elaborated that the opportunity was a moment of recognition for India and Indian women on an international level. Nita Ambani also spoke about her belief in sports, to aid in the development of the country’s youth. She feels that it holds the power to unite people. Post Nita Ambani’s election to the committee, she received a string of congratulatory messages from eminent personalities on various social media platforms like Twitter. Among the many who wished her on the achievement was Reliance’s Sports Division CEO, Sundar Raman.


IOC member, Nita Ambani receives the opportunity to distribute medals to winners at the Rio Olympics.

Beginner’s Guide to Reliance Jio Dongle 2

September 30, 2016

Reliance Jio, the digital subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), provides a range of broadband solutions that serve to enhance the consumer experience. An entire digital ecosystem, Reliance Jio launched its telecom services across India on a commercial scale in September 2016.

Under its present welcome offer, users can avail of free Jio SIM cards. These entail the use of unlimited services like data, voice, and video, as well as access to premium Jio applications at no cost till the 31st of December 2016.

In order to increase connectivity across India, the world’s largest start-up offers a range of broadband services that include Jio 4G SIM cards, JioFi devices, and its latest Jio Dongle 2.

Reliance Jio Dongle 2

Slated to be soon available at Reliance Digital, Digital Xpress, and Xpress Mini stores, the Jio Dongle 2 is a hotspot device. Industry reports suggest that the device will offer users the option to enjoy Jio’s bouquet of applications. The device may also be offered with a one-year warranty card.

Available with a USB port, this cylindrical device retails at Rs. 1,999. The Jio Dongle 2 needs to be plugged in when needed as it does not carry any inbuilt battery, thereby reducing the device’s weight. It sports two LED lights which blink to indicate the status of its Wi-Fi and 4G connections. Users can simultaneously connect up to 10 devices to this dongle.

JioFi and JioFi 2

A MiFi offering by Reliance Jio, the JioFi devices act as personal wireless hotspots. Launched earlier in September 2016, JioFi sports an OLED display and lets users connect up to 10 devices to its hotspot network. Retailing at Rs. 1,999, the JioFi has a 2,600mAh battery. Additionally, it also has a memory card slot that supports microSD cards of up to 32GB. This allows users to download content through its Wi-Fi disk feature and share it with individuals who are on the same network.

The JioFi 2 is also priced at Rs. 1,999 and is an enhanced version of Reliance Jio’s hotspot offerings. JioFi 2 lets users connect more than 30 devices to its wireless network and supports 802.11n/g/b standards in terms of Wi-Fi technology. Outfitted with a 2,300mAh battery, which is also removable, it is touted to support eight hours of heavy usage. Additionally, the JioFi devices may also be used to make HD voice and video calls using the JioJoin application on users’ smart phones.

Led by Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio’s objective is to fulfill the Indian Government’s Digital India initiative. It is also slowly gearing up to launch its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband services, which are currently being tested in Chennai and Mumbai.


Reliance Jio Dongle 2 is another digital offering by the company that will allow non-4G smart phone users to experience its quality broadband network.

9 Startups Graduates from GenNext Hub Summer 2016 Program

September 21, 2016

GenNext Hub is the startup scalerator by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) that is nurturing digital entrepreneurship in India. At GenNext Hub, RIL is catalysing a unique start-up ecosystem, which rests on the tripod of talent, technology and trust. This venture is aimed at spotting and encouraging ‘talent’, helping them harness their ‘technology’ and backing them by putting total ‘trust’ in them. During the four-month-long programme, GenNext Hub conducts workshops and mentoring sessions for start-ups in the areas of customer development, market traction, operations, product roadmap, fund raising and pitching. It also provides expertise in IP, legal, financial compliance, HR and specific sectorial expertise. GenNext Hub is uniquely positioned as a global programme that helps start-ups think big and grow fast.

GenNext Hub RELAY, the graduation ceremony of the 9 startups of the summer 2016 cohort is scheduled on Tuesday, 20th September 2016. The cohort of summer 2016 is the third batch of startups to participate in the GenNext Hub scalerator program. These 9 startups were selected from a pool of over 500 qualified applications received from startups spread across the length and breadth of India, and abroad. With a stringent acceptance ratio of 50:1, the selection process also included a jury made up of senior RIL management, established entrepreneurs, renowned investors and industry thought-leaders. To be selected, the startup has to be a registered entity, have a strong founding team consisting of a mix of business and technical expertise, a commercialized product with rich intellectual property and market traction.

With its structured program, GenNext Hub is able to revisit, refine and reinforce the startups’ core product offering and business model. Its rich mentor panel consists of thought-leaders, industry icons, subject matter experts and established entrepreneurs. Along with the external mentors, startups at GenNext Hub also have access to select leaders of RIL for business and technology guidance. The resources made available through GenNext Hub’s global partner network including Microsoft Accelerator, offers startups a holistic support system. Startups leverage the networking events organized by GenNext Hub for both customer and investor connects.

What truly makes GenNext Hub a Scalerator is the unparalleled access to Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) for the startups to potentially collaborate and co-innovate. With its diverse portfolio of businesses across various sectors and domains, RIL is able to provide the testing bed for the startups to validate their technology and business, execute Proof of Concept (PoC) and develop win-win partnerships.

Startups of summer 2016:

  • Codemojo: Retaining users is a tough job in today’s competitive world of apps and websites. Codemojo offers customer engagement with 10 lines of code & 10 minutes of API integration for omni channel businesses to increase daily & monthly active user base through loyalty, behavior, gamification, referral, wallet, etc. According to the company, the cost of retaining loyal user is currently $4 with a 125% Year-on-Year (YoY) increase translating into a $40 Billion market. Codemojo has recently raised investment from CIO Angel Network (CAN).
  • DATTUS: About 75% of the industrial equipment are over 20 years old and costs $100 Billion annually due to downtime. DATTUS is an industrial IoT company providing seamless hardware and software solutions to sense, connect, visualize and analyze industrial equipment to ensure a long lifespan and to reduce the cost of maintenance. The company was founded by winning multiple business plan competitions through which they raised $250,000. They are the winner of the MIRA Awards, ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’ for 2016. Recently they have raised Series Seed round from U.S. based venture capitalists.
  • Don’t Scratch Your Head (DSYH): Lack of seamless reconciliation of sales and inventory causes significant losses for sellers on e-commerce market places. DSYH is next generation data-analytics Company that solves the reconciliation problem with a cloud-based solution. The company has engaged major market places and retailers in the Indian ecosystem to address the $500+ Million opportunity and has raised $250,000 angel investment from Venture Catalysts.
  • Happy2Refer (H2R): It is a pain to reach and engage quality passive talent through traditional job portals and recruiters. H2R is changing the way of hiring by leveraging the power of multidegree referrals to spot and engage passive talent. The company says that the Indian staffing market is a $4.2 Billion opportunity and it has already acquired an impressive list of clientele including Nestle, Colgate-Palmolive,, etc.
  • Headspin: With growing number of mobile devices being used in various cellular networks, it is very challenging for app developers to understand how their apps behave from remote locations. Backed by Google Ventures and other major Silicon Valley based investors, Headspin makes it possible to test apps on any device with real SIM cards over cloud on massive scale. Potentially all apps with 500,000+ global users will need Headspin.
  • Megdap: Only 10% of India’s population speaks English while majority of the digital communication happens in English. Megdap solves this problem through TexLang, a language technology platform for near time & accurate language translation. Megdap is engaged with major banking customers.
  • NavStik: Each commercial drone application is unique and requires high level of customization. Through a single platform called FlytOS, NavStik Labs is able to address the unique need of every commercial drone application. The market opportunity is estimated to reach $100+ Billion by 2022. NavStik has recently raised investment from 7 prominent angel investors.
  • Recipe Book: Figuring out what to cook on a daily basis is always a challenge given today’s busy lifestyle. Recipe Book is an app that makes it extremely easy to discover new and interesting recipes. The app is an intelligent recipe recommendation and discovery platform based on Image Recognition and Natural Learning Processing (NLP). They were featured in Google I/O 2016 and was the first Indian app to be in Google Play Editors’ Choice.
  • Tagalys: Personalizing online retailers’ website to match the individual users’ taste is a big challenge that leads to lower conversion to sales. Tagalys maximizes e-commerce revenues by personalizing visitor-product engagement across features like site search, browsing and recommendations. Tagalys is targeting customers with more than $5 Million of annual revenues which leads to an estimated total market opportunity of approximately $5 Billion.


GenNext Hub is the startup scalerator by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) that is nurturing digital entrepreneurship in India.

Reliance Jio Sets a New Target of Acquiring a 250 Million Subscriber Base

September 19, 2016

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio, the telecom operator managed by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) launched its 4G services in September 2016. Owing to the encouraging response received by the digital service provider during its welcome offer, Reliance Jio has revised its plan with regard to the subscriber base.

Targeting a user base of 250 million subscribers, Reliance Jio will soon become the second-biggest Indian operator on achieving the same. The company is gearing up to invest a large amount in order to expand its network capacity. This may even lead to further tie-ups and associations with other companies.

Reliance Jio’s network

Presently, the world’s largest start-up has the ability to serve 100 million wireless broadband users along with 20 million fiber-to-home customers. The company is in talks with several companies that would help in its expansion strategy, including a leading phone manufacturer. The smart phone manufacturer has been working in association with Jio to set up 48,000 telecom towers to add to Jio’s current tally of 1.3 lakh towers. Currently, Jio’s over 5 million subscriber base is increasing rapidly which is leading a high amount of traffic to the telecom operator’s network.

Data usage

On average, Reliance Jio users utilize up to 26GB of data every month, although the average is increasing rapidly. The network operator expects the numbers to rise further once its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband services commence. The service is being tested in the two cities of Mumbai and Delhi. The tariff plan prices are expected to start from Rs. 500. The additional users that Jio intends to bring onboard are partly the reason behind the company’s expansion strategy.

Reliance Jio’s plan is to increase its transmission speed from 2TBPS to 250TBPS (TBPS refers to terabits per second). Compared to the industry average of 1GB per month, Jio is raking in 26GB monthly with respect to average data usage.

JioFi devices

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio introduced a new JioFi 4G hotspot device which is priced at Rs.1, 999. Retailing at the same price as the JioFi 2 device, this smart device boasts of an OLED display and a larger battery. This device is currently available across a limited number of cities.

Larger in size as compared to the JioFi 2 device, its front panel displays the battery percentage, the Wi-Fi icon, and the Jio 4G network bars. It also sports a notifications bar in the display panel. The new JioFi device comes with a matte finish which ensures it is protected from scratches.


The new JioFi device has an inbuilt 2,600 mAh battery as compared to the earlier 2,300 mAh one. Offering up to five hours of continuous data usage, this device also offers a microSD card slot for storage up to 32GB. It enables HD voice calling through the JioJoin application. This device allows users to connect up to 10 devices to the portable hotspot.


Reliance Jio reconsiders its user base strategy based on the positive response received on its welcome offer. The company now plans to acquire 250 million subscribers.

Reliance Industries Devises an Omnichannel Strategy for AJIO

August 2, 2016

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is extending its Jio brand to businesses like fashion and e-commerce through its new website. While the company’s telecom arm is undergoing final tests and gearing up for the commercial launch, was launched in April and underwent a three-month testing period.

Named after Reliance Jio, the AJIO store promises to deliver the best in fashion, curated specially for contemporary shoppers. The website offers more than 1300 stylish pieces currently and has already tied up with international brands like Diesel and Superdry.

Reliance’s AJIO will allow individuals to browse and purchase from categories like fashion and general merchandise. This dual model stems from understanding marketing conditions; fashion offers high margins while general stock helps add a diverse range of products although at lower margins.

Parent company RIL intends to create an omnichannel strategy for AJIO by opening shop-in-shops across over 100 Reliance Trends outlets. Several Reliance Trends stores now have AJIO kiosks which allow buyers to browse and place orders from Reliance’s brick-and-mortar stores.

Reliance’s fuel business

The Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Industries aims to elevate the scale of its fuel business by offering non-fuel related facilities at select petrol pumps. The company’s strategy includes integrating Reliance’s retail offerings with its affiliate fuel stops. Although Reliance aimed at reviving its fuel business in March 2016 through its 1,500 outlets, it will now restart them towards the end of the current financial year.

Several Indian companies, including RIL who have a stronghold in the private energy sector planned to expand their fuel retail business post the Indian Government’s decision of deregulating diesel prices.

Customer-oriented strategy

The private conglomerate owns 361 fuel pumps that are operated by the company across the country. These would be integrated with its retail businesses that span across categories like fashion, digital services, and lifestyle.

The outlets will provide consumers with a diverse range of non-fuel products. Reliance Retail currently runs 3,383 stores across the country in 679 locations.

More than a petrol pump

V Srikanth, Joint Chief Financial Officer at Reliance Industries Limited, said that the aim is to become more than just a chain of petrol pumps. In order to develop the fuel business into a more consumer-oriented one that offers them an enriching experience, the company decided to merge its retail and fuel arms.

Another industry source explained how RIL aims at expanding its retail presence on an infrastructural level as well. By adding some designated square feet to its affiliate petrol pumps, it will not only boost the revenue generated, but also offer value additional retail facilities.


Reliance Industries Limited intends to implement an omnichannel strategy to popularize its AJIO fashion portal. In order to revive its fuel business, RIL will offer non-fuel related consumer goods at select petrol pumps.

Reliance Jio: An Emerging Telecom Service Provider

July 13, 2016

Reliance Jio services are currently in their beta phase of testing and analysts continue to predict the date of its commercial launch, which is expected to happen later this year. The company has already rolled out its data and voice calling services to a certain extent.

Reliance Jio is leading in terms of pan-India spectrum purchases and will soon offer 4G services on LYF’s LTE-enabled devices.

Jio services

Customers can avail of free Jio services on the purchase of a LYF handset for 90 days. Available as a restricted preview currently, users can truly enjoy Jio services only after registering on the official website,

Post registration, individuals would receive a code that would grant them access to all of Jio’s add-on services and content streaming platforms. This code not only comes with an expiry date but also cannot be shared or transferred. On average, Reliance Jio’s   speed test on its 4G network saw a download speed of 6 to 10 MBPS.

LYF smart phones

WIND 5 and WIND 6 are priced at Rs. 6,599 and Rs. 5,999 respectively and allow users to experience seamless data calls. They also boast of an HD 5-inch display and a powerful 8 MP rear camera. LYF’s EARTH 1 and EARTH 2 are its premium range of smart phones and retail at a price of Rs. 15,000 and above.

LYF cellular devices are available at Reliance Digital Stores and Digital Xpress Mini Stores. The large distribution network has helped Reliance LYF to become the fifth- largest Indian smart phone brand in terms of sales.

Devices on discount

LYF smart phones are available across a wide price range starting from Rs. 4,000 up to Rs. 20,000. In order to increase the Indian public’s accessibility to quality smart phones that also support 4G services, Reliance announced discounted rates for several LYF devices.

This move of announcing a dip in LYF smartphone price has ensured that users can purchase LTE-enabled FLAME handsets at an affordable price of Rs. 2,999 each. In addition to their specifications, all LYF handsets come with a free Jio SIM card packed with free data services for a three-month period.

Jio’s pilot launch

In its test phase, Jio witnessed a monthly usage of over 13 million GB across the country. The pilot launch of Jio invited Jio’s employees, major stakeholders, associates, relatives, and friends to use the service. Jio’s pilot launch led to 7,000,000 individuals consuming data of around 13 million GB with each user consuming an average of 19.2 GB. A company source stated that Reliance has invested almost 34,000 crores towards its telecom venture.


Reliance Jio is gearing up for its commercial launch which is expected to take place in late 2016. Currently, certain LYF handsets are available at discounted rates along with a Jio SIM card that offers users unlimited services for three months.

Reliance Jio Offers LYF Smart Phones at 25% Discounted Rates

July 11, 2016

Select variants under Jio’s LYF brand are now available to subscribers at discounted rates. Along with the 25% concession, the phones also come with a two-year warranty period, and Jio’s free 4G services for three months.

Discounted models

LYF FLAME 2, LYF FLAME 4, LYF FLAME 5, and LYF FLAME 6 are some of the smart phone devices available under this discount offer. The FLAME sub-series was initially priced at Rs. 3,999, but a few of its models are now available for purchase at only Rs. 2,999. Six LYF devices are being offered at discounted rates, three of which are available for a high discount of Rs. 1000. The offer includes LYF’s WATER 2 and WIND 6 variants.

Additional benefits

Along with the reduction in costs, the phones are equipped with a two-year warranty period as opposed to the general one-year period offered by most smart phone brands. Buyers also have access to Jio’s free unlimited voice and data services, through a Jio SIM card for a three-month period.

Jio SIMs

Earlier, Jio SIM cards were available only through the referral invites but can now be acquired through the company’s website, Users who receive a free SIM with their LYF devices must understand that the SIM card is locked to the smart phone for the initial three months during which they may enjoy free data services. With the rising demand for data services, Jio’s 4G in India service is expected to encounter a highly rewarding phase with increasing subscribers opting for this network.

Third-largest seller

A report by Cyber Media Research and Services Ltd. states that LYF was the third-largest mobile phone seller in the March quarter. The brand ranked third among 41 brands, garnering a market share of 12.6%. By April 2016, the brand’s smart phone sales had already crossed the 1.5 million mark.

Distribution network

Sunil Dutt, President of Devices at Reliance Jio, stated that their success is enhanced due to their distribution network, which is the largest in the country. He explained how Jio benefits from having partnered with over 1,200 distribution associates.

LYF smart phones are sold through Reliance Digital stores, the official website, and Digital Express stores. Reliance owns over 3,245 stores of which almost 1,748 include Reliance Digital, Digital Express Mini, and Digital Express stores.

LYF mobile retailers

Reliance Jio, the world’s largest start-up has also tied up with multiple mobile retailers and e-commerce platforms. Some of the mobile retailers include Big C Mobile, Sangeetha Mobiles, Poorvika Mobiles, and Lot Mobiles. LYF devices can also be purchased from online shopping portals like Flipkart or Amazon.

Future plans

In addition to offering smart phones and smart television sets, Reliance intends to also manufacture tablets, cameras, electronic wearable devices, and dongles. The company’s television sets would also serve to expand the reach of Jio’s content services.


Six LYF devices are being offered with 25% discounts. Additionally, the phones come with free Jio data and voice services for three months and a two-year warranty period. Having sold 1.5 million devices by April, LYF became the third-largest seller of LTE-enabled 4G devices.