Reliance Jio Experience Center Exhibits Jio’s Services and Upcoming Digital Plans for India

Reliance Jio’s foray into the telecom sector set off a digital revolution in the country, when the company opened its high-speed digital services to the public. Jio, the world’s largest start-up has been making steady progress, with its customer base rising exponentially.

Reliance Jio’s services range from premium voice and video calls to a plethora of applications like Jio Money and MyJio. All these facilities are currently free for customers under Jio’s welcome offer, which is valid till the end of 2016.

Jio Experience Center

Since the telecom company has set a benchmark through its affordable 4G services, Reliance Industries (RIL) has taken the onus of offering interested individuals the chance to catch a glimpse of the entire Jio digital ecosystem through the Jio Experience Center. The center not only explains Jio’s unique services but also offers insights into the telecom brand’s future plans to redefine the digital sector in India. It includes 24 experience zones, which are further categorized into 11 clusters.

Access to SIM Cards through technology-aided eKYC machines

One of the clusters gave an insight into Jio’s easy SIM card purchase procedure through an eKYC machine, which only requires a customer’s Aadhaar card for verification. It exhibited how an eKYC machine scans a customer’s Aadhaar card, thereby making the process fast and free of errors. Activation of the SIM card follows soon after through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) verification procedure.

Easy data transfer with ‘SwitchToJio’

Data transfer from one device to another is conventionally executed by a retailer and entails transferring a user’s data from his old phone to a new phone with the help of a computer. Doing this procedure often involves high risks like privacy breach or even loss of important data. However, a new app called ‘SwitchToJio’ by Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio offers convenient transfer of important phone data to a new device, wherein devices are securely connected through the application and data transfer can be done without a user’s privacy being compromised.

Net Velocity

Another point of focus at the experience center is the Net Velocity app, which allows users to not only check their Internet connection speed but also send across their feedback to the Jio team. This is beneficial for users as their Internet issues can be directly addressed without inconvenience.

Other demonstrations

The Jio Experience Center also showcases current offerings by the telecom brand like its VoLTE feature, which allows even a non-VoLTE phone user to enjoy a premium call experience. The diverse features of the wallet app, Jio Money are also showcased at the center, which enables users to avail of exclusive offers at stores and make payments easily.

One of the most interesting segments at the center is the demonstration on how a car can become a smart car through the JioCarConnect application. It lets users connect their smart phone to the car and enable functions like lock-unlock and remote location tracker.

The center also focuses on Jio’s upcoming plans which include the JioFiber 1Gbps Connection. In addition to this it also exhibited technology models that would be used in the future, enabling users to connect their television sets to smart IoT devices, speakers, and cameras.


Reliance Jio Experience Center exhibits Jio’s well-planned digital ecosystem.


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